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The 27th Annual Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival

Thu, Mar 28, 2013


The Republic of Senegal is hosting the 27th Annual Africa in April festival. It is a special event in tours to Africa. The categories for the festival are categorized . It mainly tries to bring together the dignitaries of Africa and its related ambassadors together. The Memphis Community is thus proud to have this celebration on a grand front and all the staff, the board the partners have been working day and night to make this get together a grand success.

There are two components for the festival this year. One is networking and the other is training. There are many workshops that have been set up for Diversity Awareness. This has been mainly designed to give information about the present trends in the diversity of suppliers. The community groups also participate in the diversity discussions as also the diversity professionals. The main center for these activities will be the International Trade Center.

There will be two sections basically, one to accommodate the corporate needs and the other to recreate the market that existed in Old Africa. The African World Bazaar will host many small vendors. The entire setting has been made to look like the traditional African souk.

The International Trade Floor will help to show the way to the corporates and also enhance relation building. All can join and attend the festival and understand the traditional values of this beautiful region called Africa.

This is the 27th anniversary of the Africa in April Festival. On Wednesday, April 17, 2013, it will be International Entrepreneur’s Day and this will be celebrated at the University of Memphis. April 18 is International Vendor’s Market Set up Day. On April 19, it would be senior citizen and Children’s Day. There will be an international diversity parade. On April 20, it would be health and wellness day. The last day or April 25 it will be wealth and health awareness drive.

The Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival is an enlightening festival in Africa.

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