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  • Take A Look At Historical Destination Of Egypt Deir el-Bahri (Hatshepsut’s Temple)

    Fri, Nov 27, 2009


    It is one of the most dramatically situated mortuary temple in the world, named on the Queen Hatshepsut. It is a complex of mortuary temples located opposite to the city of Luxor (Egypt) and west bank of river Nile. Mentuhotep II was the first monument built by the eleventh dynasty. Senunmut the architect of the queen designed and set it at the head of the valley overshadowed by the Thebes of “Lover of Silence”, where live the goddess who presided over the necropolis. This temple is unique because of its design and decorations. It is build of limestone while most of the other temples are built of sandstone. It was built as a funerary temple for Queen Hatshepsut the 18th Dynasty. It was also built as a sanctuary of the God, Amon Ra.

    There are three terraces in the temple. The lower two terraces were once filled with full of trees. There is a beautiful sigh scene on the southern end of 1st colonnade and the transportation of Hastshepsut’s two obelisks is one of the famous scenes. If we look at the north side of the colonnade Queen offering four calves to the Amon Ra is one the best scene among all the views. Originally there were stairs on the 2nd terrace but now it has been accesses to ramp. The southern side of 2nd colonnade is known as the famous Punt. Punt is known as Somalia at present and it was the first pictorial documentation of a trade expedition recorded.

    “Sublime of the Sublimes” or Djeser-Djeseru is the ancient Egyptian language is part of complex of buildings known as Deir el-Bahri and the first temple was build around 500 years earlier during the 11th dynasty while Neb-Hepet-Re Montuhotep is a little structure located on the left side of the temple. The walls of the temple illustrate the stories of Hatshepsut’s fabled trip to the land of Punt. It also illustrates a grotesquely overweight Queen of Punt as she was obese at the time of her death.

    The frankincense trees were decorated in the front façade of the temple as there trees were carried by the Queen during her travels to punt it is also said that she brought back five shiploads of goodies including flora and fauna.

    The Menuhotep temple was used as a model for Hatshepsut. The Queen employed a lengthy colonnaded terrace that deviated from the central massing of Menuhotep’s model, an anomaly caused by the decentralized location of the burial chamber. The terraces have three layers which reach the height of 97 feet (30 m) in height and are connected by long ramps which was one surrounded by gardens. The layering of these terraces are made from classical Theban form, employing Pylon, courts Hypostyle hall, sun court, chapel and sanctuary.

    The statue of Queen Hatshepsut standing is one the most popular attractions in Egypt today. You can find a number of temples and tombs on the west bank of the Nile River across Luxor.

    Travel to Luxor in Egypt

    It is one of the most popular destinations in Egypt. A trip to this beautiful Egyptian city will be helpful for you to explore the tombs and valley of Kings. You can reach there and arrive at Luxor International Airport it is the main hub for the flights. If you are traveling from Europe the air fare is moderately low as short distance to travel. There are also direct charters available from London, Frankfurt, Rome and Moscow. Egypt Air is the most popular airlines with low fares. Nile Cruises will be the best cruise experience from Luxor to Aswan. The longer tours are available from north Egypt to Dendera. It is the usual cruse which is also known as floating hotel and includes swimming pools, clubs, restaurants, and even book stores. You can also enjoy the delightful night shows in the Nile cruise, cocktail parties, Nubin shows, belly dancers and plays are also very pleasing. Nile Cruises can also arrange the abroad feluccas in the traditional Nile sailboat. Most of them are of several hours. While multi day felucca cruises are also available. The Nile River closes down in April because of water levels.

    There is no limit to the currency for the visitors to bring in Egypt, however you must show the bank receipts if you are carrying Egyptian currency and should not exceed to EGP 5000. Passport and Visa are required for foreigners expect from some Middle Eastern countries. Mid October to May is the best time to visit. The prices go up in winter and spring as it is the highest tourist season. Prior reservations in hotels are advisable in this season as hotels and other accommodation goes really expensive in this period of time. Temperature is high from May to October in most southern parts of the country. You can experience a good time and peace visit in summer. It will be easy for you to take photographs without getting disturbed by the strangers. It is called the best southern Egypt destination because of its historical relevance and it was also former capital of Egyptian Middle Kingdom. It has plenty of sightseeing for tourists which includes temples, royal tombs, desserts, rivers and many more.

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