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    Worship The Deity In Abu Simbel Temple Of Aswan

    Monday, November 30, 2009


    Worship The Deity In Abu Simbel Temple Of Aswan
    It is one of the most significant and interesting ancient temple of Egypt. It is located near the southern border of Sudan and 280km south from Aswan which includes two rock-cut temples and shows the history of king Ramses II who ruled from 1290-1223 BC. The temple was affected by the submersion in Lake Nasser but its reconstruction was an historic event it happened because of the construction of High Dam. Help was taken from many counties and UNESCO to save this precious monument. They were reconstructed on a 65m high than their original location and 200m back inland to save from rising water level of Lake Nasser. This rescue operation took 4 years from June 1984 to September 1968. These two temples are 3000 years old and reconstructed temples are built of sandstone cliff. The new look of

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