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Kasbah Of Algiers: Testament Of Culture And Tradition

Monday, December 21, 2009


Medina is an Islamic city, Kasbah of Algiers us unique medina, as it is founded on the ruins of old Icosium. It is a small city that stands on the coastal sites of Mediterranean, which overlooks those islands on which Carthaginian trading post was made in forth century. It was a Phoenician commercial outpost which later then developed into a small roman town. The city is built on hills and as it goes down towards the sea, it’s divided in tow i.e. the high City and Low city. Kasbah is the most intriguing and fascinating part of Algiers. The must visit place are masonries and mosques of the 17th century. Ketchaoua mosque which was built in 1794, by the Dey Baba Hassan is flanked by two minarets is astonishing monument architecture. Mosque el Djedid, built in 1660 during the time of  [...]

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