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Djemila: The Beautiful One!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Djemila: The Beautiful One!
The Djemila means the beautiful one, an indeed it is. Djemila is some nine hundred meters above sea level which is perfect example of Roman town planning which suited the mountain’s rugged terrain and adapted it well. Djemila has the amazing constructions of forum’s, basilicas, temples, and triumphal arches and houses. Djemila, a mountain village in Algeria, it has legendary and illustrious, one of the best preserved Berbero-Roman ancient ruins. In 1982 it got inscribed itself in UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was recognized for its unique Roman architecture, which is so well adapted to mountain environment. It is exceptional antique site recognized for its historical significance. The roman ruins are so well preserved, and the way the planning of town, organizes itself around the forum  [...]

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