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    Toddling Safari and Intensifying History of Gorongosa

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010


    Toddling Safari and Intensifying History of Gorongosa
    One of the most luxuriant walking safari destinations in our world, Gorongosa National Park is a remarkable blend of historical heritage, diverse ecology, and distinct ethnicity of Mozambique. Perfectly positioned near the delta system and Lower Zambezi, this abundant national park is gifted with the natural river water that is being used by the copious wildlife and shrubbery within. People visiting this place are usually enticed by dense tropical forests, mystifying caves, cascading waterfall, gushing rivers, rambling pans, woodlands and Albida forests. This natural vicinity of Gorongosa is one of the ecologically richest places on earth. Strolling through this safari walk is indeed an enriching experience. You can explore the world that’s not much known to you before. However, if  [...]

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