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Tag Archive | "adventure of desert"

Sailing in Sahara on Kamal

Friday, January 15, 2010


Sailing in Sahara on Kamal
Holiday was perfectly planned and set by us. All we wanted to do was chill out, relax, spend leisure time and booze and have fu. No adventures, just relaxing and lounging. That was the Plan A. As per the plan A, we went to Morocco and stayed in Muran resort in Marrakech. What a hotel it was! We were completely bowled over by the look and chic of the hotel and fell in awe of it sinful red swimming pool. Our plan A was in full action and we were having fun time. We were simply having leisure time and fun with no sports or adventure. But then when do we stick with our plans. I mean just imagine living in riyad, with all amenities and facilities we got fascinated with Desert! The bloody desert! I shrieked and I shouted when all these idiots decided we are going out trekking and camping in  [...]

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