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Sudan tourism - Enjoy the sands

Tue, Nov 16, 2010

Northern Africa

When you leave the gateway, and enter into Africa,  this seems to be the only way to enter Sudan from Egypt. You could also go by the ferry which is across the Lake Nasser. This happens to be a vast expanse of water which is created around the high dam which is about a kilo meter thick. This dam was built in the sixties.  You will also find lovely glossy tickets  for the ferry here , which were designed as though they are old and rusted, like an antique. This adds to the whole experience of the place.

You would have to wait  at the port  until everyone has stowed their luggage in place and found appropriate seats. As the boats pull away at dusk , you will see many passengers who have been called in for prayer over the loudspeaker of the boat.  You would probably be on your way to reach the Wadi Halfa, this happens after crossing the tropic of caner, and according to  the many tourists who have been here before , they saw that this place passes close to the temple of Abu Simbel.  You would probably be more excited about this whole thing. this is probably just the start of your Sudan Tourism.

The town here is quite laid back, and the town also seems quite festive. There are about one hundred shacks that are spread over the desert. These play a wide variety of famous Sudanese music, which sound like a melody with drums and singing. This is what is audible by the big blaster speaker at the restaurant.

When you come to Sudan, you would know that this is a British colony which is quite big on bureaucracy. So its would be a good idea of you  got yourself the required permits and signatures for the required independent travel in Sudan.

When you are sitting at the Desk , and probably dreaming about this trip; specifically the Sudan Tourism, you would probably would have though of cycling through the desert, other flat places and Savannah. It would be a good idea to carry about ten liters of water for each person and enough food required for the journey.

There are straw huts and  sand tracks , but nothing much apart from these.  This place is quite compact and stony compared to the other places around. And because of this the whole thing drifts into Corrugations.  It would be a good idea of you sink, push and judder along what seems like an average of about eight kilo meters per hour. And force yourself through any paths that you make in the sand.

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