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Simon’s Town: Welcome To The Penguin’s Town

Mon, Dec 14, 2009

South Africa

Simon’s Town is one of the most charming places in South Africa. It is situated somewhere around 40km away from the city. The town is the important base of South African Navy. Its one small beautiful town that we use to hear in the bed time stories, small houses and cottages, shops, cafeteria and restaurants on road sides. The seaside location is so beautiful that even best of adjectives cannot describe its beauty.

Where it is located

It lies on the eastern side of Cape Peninsula and False Bay’s shores, South Africa.

From the pages of past

Simon van der Stel, a Dutch man is behind the discovery of this beautiful place; he was the governor of the Cape Colony (1677-1687). He surveyed the place and considered it as a secure harbor for winters the days between May and September. More than 300 ships had been fixed during the World War 2. The city did not grow fast until it became the Royal Naval Base.

Attractions of Simon’s Town

Penguins at Boulders Beach- Boulder beach is home to African or the Jackass Penguin. The colony settled in 1985 and there are now almost 3000 penguins living here. If you are a fan of Happy Feat then you must get here to enjoy the amazing sights of penguins, cute flightless birds are real pleasure to watch.

Roman Rock Lighthouse- It is constructed on a single rock with the unique feature of a private helipad on it. Standing at tall with a height of 17m it’s on the middle of the ocean.

Whale watching- There are boats available for you to enjoy whale watching. Simon’s Town boat company is the only company to such permit. You would get mind-blowing views and also a chance to explore the realities of the ocean.

Scratch Patch- South Africa holds the distinction to have maximum number of gemstone. So if you are here you must get here to explore the world of gemstones. You would be amazed to find the varieties and see the impeccable beauty of the gemstone.

Boat Cruise off Simon’s Bay- The journey would involve all the places of historic sites and marvelous surroundings of the Simon’s Town. The tour would be both enjoyable and a great learning experience. This is absolutely recommended for all, you don’t have such an exciting way to learn and rejoice everywhere.

How to reach

Cape Town Airport is the nearest airport to Simon’s Town. You can take a car and follow the M4 Main Road from Cape Town through Fish Hoek and then here you reach the SIMON’S TOWN.

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