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Serious Jungle fun in Ghana

Thu, Oct 21, 2010

Western Africa

The British colonists especially liked the Kumasi.  The rolling hills which are cool and wooded, is a good retreat from the humidity of the entire coast.  This is quite an affluent city. The traffic here is impossible though. You could spend about three hours just walking around the market and this happens to be one of the biggest markets in all of West Africa.  Town criers and other traders who are here to silt heir crafts. These people sell everything from bats made of fruit to nails that are almost the size of a fist.

There is a railway right in the middle that runs right through the market place.  Although this is unused and the railway is blocked with the many stalls that come up in its way.

This is what it looks like, until you hear a hoot of a far away train and suddenly all the shopkeepers get up and start moving their stalls to the side. As the train comes closer, rather slowly, all the shall owners shift their stalls to the side. This entire scene seems quite whimsical. And after the train has passed then the shopkeepers get their stalls back and have a hearty laugh about the whole thing.

As you wander off in the night on you way to kin sway, this place is known to have some of the best Ghana music on the scene.  Karan Castelino also discovered that this place which most of the locals have their funerals taken from.  There is a huge bar with people who are wearing dark robes. These people are usually dancing away quite furiously to the music from a band that will make you want to ‘shake it’.

The women have huge turbans with a big black that is black and heavy. This is nicely set on their forehead. The handkerchiefs are made with lace.  In fact when you cue here in the morning, you could definitely find an excuse. There is a wet shirt competition here where the ladies get down and dirty and pour beer all over themselves cover their heads with veils and a big black turban on top and then shake their bodies to some serious Ghana music.

The sun creeps nicely over the whole forest and there is a shot than rings right into the whole poaching mile.

The candy which comes here with a sharp intake of breath runs right rough the eight shots here in quick succession. The tropical dusk here looks out of this work. And on the plain below you can see many herds of antelopes appearing and disappearing in the lowly Ghana plain.  Right being you might see forest rangers with large AK 47’s and these people have been given the right to shot intruders and people who tamper with the animals and the forest property.

Check back here to find out more about what happens in this place.

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