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Saluting The Thrill And Excitement Of Table Mountain

Wed, Dec 9, 2009

South Africa

Table Mountain’s welcome you to god’s definition of fun, ecstasy, amusement and exuberance. It’s the expression of joy and pleasure to be on the top of Table Mountain. Cape Town is South Africa’s ‘Mother City’ and Table Mountain is its Lap. Being short listed as the World Natural Heritage Site, a prominent landmark of South Africa.

Table Mountain is flat-topped mountain with level plateau of approximately three kilometers from side to side with steep cliffs on side with beautiful valleys and forested area. Table Mountain is surrounded by waters of the Atlantic Ocean in west and warmer waters of False Bay. The plateau is flanked by Devil’s Peak in east and in west is The Lion’s Head, adding to the striking backdrop to Cape Town. The sensational Table Bay Harbor and Signal Hill make together the natural amphitheater of the City Bowl.

The Table Mountain is only terrestrial feature that has given name to a constellation. The Constellation Mensa which means ‘the table’ is seen in Southern Hemisphere below Orion.

Maclear’s Beacon is the highest point on the Table Mountain at 1086m above sea level on eastern side of the front table. Here in 1865 Sir Thomas Maclear built a Stone Cairn for trigonometrical survey.

At Table Mountains top you need to dress warmly as the climate keeps on playing with the visitor. The weather conditions usually differ from that of Cape Town.

Reaching to Table Mountain from Cape Town International Airport you can take train from Cape Town Station or take Public service buses. You can also hire car or travel via car by Route N1 from Johannesburg, N2 from Overberg and Garden Route, and N7 from West Coast or Namibia.

Table Mountain is featured in the Flag of Cape Town for it is significant tourist spot with many visitors coming. The Mountain forms a part of the Table Mountain National Park which is renowned for its bio-diverse and unique flora and fauna. It is home to Rock Hyrax or Dassie, which is the only closest living relative of Elephant. They cluster around the upper cable station where tourists have fun with supplying them with food though it is illegal.

The views from top is spectacular and with such easy accessibility and proximity from city the Table Mountain provides with thrill, excitement and gripping view for photography and breathtaking hiking trails.

The Table Mountain Cableway will take you to the top of Table Mountain for the scenic view of the city, its coastline. Preferably go in morning or late in afternoon to escape the appearance of clouds that unfurls over the mountain top blocking the view. It is known as Tablecloth i.e. moisture condensing of cloud. The new cars give a faster journey and they have additional feature where it rotates 360 degrees during the ascent or descent giving you stimulating view of the city. The cable cars have speed of 10 meters per second and reach the mountain top in about 4 to 5 minutes.  The top cable station offers various viewpoints, curio shops and restaurants. The Table Mountain has since become a hallmark, which has attracted illustrious visitors including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II as well as Oprah Winfry, Jackie Chan, Sting, Micheal Schumacher and list is more. Also you can walk up to Maclear’s beacon from there which takes 45 to 50 minutes walk one-way. Also from there, numerous trails are available for hiking of various lengths.

Hiking is most popular with the locals and tourist, as number of trails of varying difficulties is available adding to the thrill. The three day Hoerikwagga trail is a fabulous hiking route that takes you from Cape Town’s Waterfront to Cape Point Nature Reserve.

Rock climbing sports is also available which the favorite pastime of the locals here is. Done in the very traditional method no bolting is allowed but only traditional climbing is done. The climbing routes are there on different faces on mountain and with varying difficulties. Commercial groups offering abseiling from upper cable station is available for the amusement and adventure.

Table Mountains has the offering of most unusual large cave systems developed in sandstone instead of limestone of which mostly the caves are made. The biggest system is Wynberg Caves located on the Back Table. You venture about caving in here and exploit the quest.

The Table Mountain is truly a remarkable natural, scenic and recreational asset both locally and internationally. An escapade from routine and monotonous life filled with adventure and thrill welcome to Table Mountain.

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