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Raw and upcoming art in Morocco

Thu, Aug 12, 2010

Northern Africa

The transformation from the earlier form of Casablanca til the new one is the brainchild of thee Mayor of Casablanca, Mohamed Sajid. This man, warded off many eager commercial developers .The mayo, also then went ahead and placed the entire two hundred and fifteen thousand square foot complex in the hands of Casamemoire. This apparently is a non profit architectural preservation society. This was done with the help of the city very proactive and mature art community. This apparently was the mayors way of saying the cultural community is Casablanca is also quite important. Across the last few years many art galleries opened all across the city.

The Casablanca Boulevard here is almost two years old. . The owner of the gallery, Aziz Daki is now the co owner and an art historian himself. The city has a upcoming art scene that seems to look quite promising. King Mohammed the sixth of Morocco was an avid collector of art pieces and sculptures and paintings. This has broadened the minds of the people here and they have embraced this as part of their rich culture.

AS the kingdom of Morocco was being transitioned to the rule of King Mohammed the sixth, he was more tolerant and more economically savvy. According to the local people, the kingdom used to live in the dark before the death of king Hasan the second although now, people are spending and buying. This has ensured more investments in the market and has helped building the economy.

Hasan Hajjaj, is an artists who spends half of his time, going from Morocco to London. This artist was one of the first to be featured in the Casablanca exhibitions. According to him, Casablanca has its own flavor for art. His work updates are a typical imagery of the oriental style with a pop flair almost like Andy Warhol. Hasan adds that the Moroccan city is a good city even though it is big and chaotic. A lot of good can come from this city especially with regards to art.

An avid Art gallery owner, Myriem Berrada Sounni, is about thirty years of age and owns the Loft Art Gallery which Is located at the Kaissi Triangle. She said the art culture and scenario here in the city of Morocco is coming up quite rapidly and also that the art culture here is going all mainstream. The last exhibition hey had, included a crowd filled with ministers and the presidents of various Banks.

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