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Rabat, Morocco - Sights

Fri, Aug 26, 2011

Northern Africa

When it is Morocco that you are visiting, there are many obvious destinations, such as Marrakech, Tangier and Casablanca. However, the city of Rabat is one of the most rewarding locations on offer at the city. This is the capital city of Morocco.

Besides being the headquarters of the administration, the city of Rabat has a good deal of the best in terms of culture and attractions. There are a number of things to do and see here, including a number of landmarks and natural attractions.

The most visible aspect of the city of Rabat is the numerous water bodies around it. These add to the fascinating environment of the city. Rabat is placed right on the Atlantic Ocean, which is another excellent reason to visit the city.

The city is also located at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River. The exquisite surroundings of the city are why the city is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. There are a number of excellent services on offer.

Rabat is a center for culture. There are a great number of cultural attractions. There is the Theater Mohammed V, which is situated right at the heart of the town. The building is a landmark and is in a hard to miss location. There are a number of popular galleries located close at hand. There is a good collection of art works here. Also do not miss the huge collection of museums in the city, most famous of which is the archaeological museum.

Also make sure you visit the area of Temara. This is home to beautiful natural bounty, including a forest, some parts man made, and most parts natural. This is a whole new side to the city of Rabat that most people neglect.

Also try the refreshing array of dining options on offer at the city. There are a good number of excellent restaurants.

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