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  • Park National de Montagne d’Ambre

    Thu, Dec 10, 2009


    Wild Life Calling

    Park National Montagne d’Ambre rich in its distinctive Flora and Fauna.

    On an isolated stretch in Montane rainforest, with territory of 18200 hectares is one of diverse and distinctive Montagne d’Ambre National Park in Amber Mountain which is home to the flora and fauna number of endemic creatures. It has the most natural and beautiful habitation with crater lakes and two water falls. Its name has been derived from a resin that seeps from large trees in the park.

    A worthwhile visit to the park, you can easily explore with help of some different thirty trails. All year round visitation is available, but best time being April to October. All you would like to be the George of the jungle ooooo.

    The habitat provides for large species of ferns, orchids and lianas it is remarkable for birds’s nest and also found the extremely rare Rainforest Baobab. And worth noting is Adansonia Perrieri.

    Faucon, Martinet, wild pigeon and Perroquet are some of the rare and endemic bird species; park has some seventy five species of which 35 are rarest and endemic.

    As you delve more into the park you can come across Ringtail Mongoose and very rarely seen nocturnal Fanalouc. Discovering through the forest you will hear lots of brid calling and different sounds of animals chattering, as if talking and making merriment like a family. Leaf- tailed geckos Uroplatus occur here and rare falanouc lives in the park. Impressive collection of Herpetofauna including many species of chameleon camouflaging is blue nosed chameleon, snake, skink and frogs. Its worth watching two leaf tailed geckos and panther chameleon. While walking around keep an open eye for Madagasgar tree Boa. Montagne d’Ambre wildlife is a high spot of endemicity with eleven percent of endemism with some family species of snakes, frogs and chameleons existing here and no where else. Species  Madagascar crested ibis, Madagascar red owl, crowned lemur, Sanford’s brown lemur, northern ring-tailed lemur both diurnal and nocturnal visits show up fruitful.

    As you search upon these animals, while walking around yoy will come across trees with their names written on tablet on then and also the points of interest being labeled acting as a guide to you, it will make a good chance that you will come across these unique species.

    Park National de Montagne’s expedition will bring you closer to the beauties of nature and make you appreciate the wild creatures. It’s a humble request to save the flora and fauna in this natural habitat and stop the destruction of such environment and their wild life. Let it be preserved for our future generations to watch. Have an fruitful and worthwhile trip!

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