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  • Festival of the Oasis – occasion for staring at the Camel racing

    Mon, May 3, 2010


    Tozeur, which is a popular town in Tunisia, is regarded as excellent tourists destination intended for the Saharan tourism, in addition the town every year hosts the International Festival of the Oasis that generally takes place in the month of December every year and continues for almost 3 days. This festival encloses camel racing, traditional dance, storytelling, music shows as well as various other folkloric events.

    In addition the most important highlights of this conventional Bedouin desert event are the popular camel races. Moreover this is an astonishing sport to stare at – the camels are by no means built for the swiftness, as well as to witness them racing all across the rising and falling dunes of this desert is an only one of its kind (as well as humorous) scene.

    The huge white colored circular tents are been erected in this desert mostly on the outskirts of the township of Tozer as well as there is dancing, music, and hordes of food along with drink. The various other entertainments all through the festival take account of whip cracking, knife throwing, snake charming, horse races as well as camel fighting.

    Even devoid of the festival, the town of Tozer is an appropriate desert oasis that has sprung up amongst thousands of palm and date trees and is an interesting place to visit. It is sand colored buildings that were constructed in 14th Century have the domes roofings, towers as well as Moorish archways that are set into the structures, which are decorated by means of geometric patterns. In addition the local artisans are renowned all across the world for their jewellery as well as ornaments along with ancient weapons are the coins that are been sold in the vivacious marketplaces.

    In addition there you will come across a new Arabian Nights theme park, by means of themed entertainment as well as various exciting rides…

    THE OASIS OF DOUZ that is located in the southern regions of Tunisia is located in an uncomfortable balance with the nature. All through the fall as well as winter the numerous palms yielded at the Douz, is regarded as the leading date harvest that has happen in last few years. A short walk in the nighttime above the soothingly rising and falling dunes in the outer surface of the town exposes a sky that is been cluttered by means of the shimmer of thousands or else might be millions of the shinning stars.

    In addition yet all those same dunes smoothly, on the other hand unremittingly push in opposition to the township, mutely it covers the streets. Moreover, the oasis of Douz is simply explained as an oasis within the Sahara. Furthermore the northern parts of the Sahara desert, perchance; however the dunes of this Oriental Erg on the other hand surround this town. Somewhere this pavement stops, there the sand begins. On the other hand it is the Sahara desert that determines the boundary.

    The Sahara desert………

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