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Go wild In the Nile in Uganda Part 3

Tue, Sep 28, 2010

Eastern Africa

When you are with the guides  , they are sure to keep you cautious of the crocodiles who wont just bite you , they would probably eat you alive. And because this  just happens to be one of those cool places for crocodiles to come and hang out, you wouldn’t be allowed in the water. Every now and then , a fisherman who keeps paddling along in long canoes might just happen to pass you.

Before you could actually come across the more nastier rapis, there are two forks of the large river which actually collides and has a drop, more like a set of stairs.  This angry , thundering vortex looks aggressive like engine of a fighter jet. The water is quite low , so there is a chance of danger. Although as long you listen to you guide you should not realy have any problem.

Just as you plunge into the roaring waters, you might be lifted  straight out of the water and there might be a good chance that you might flip over, you and your canoe. The canoe usually spins back up almost immedtietely . at this point in time you might most probably think of one of the ending scenes of titatic.  The guide would probably exlain to you that  thi was all part of the plan, and since you mustve had so much fn during all this , you might not even mind the danger involved. Even though it isn’t not that dangerous.

When yo are back at the campsite in the mornings then you coul sip on some nice cold beer right at the campsite. This is  bluff that is above all the river happenings.  The guides would most probably even cook with you.  one of th regulars here is rice, salad, cheicken stew and peanut sauce. All of these are served in big dented pots.

You would have your own tent , you could read a book tio sleep or if you are with family and friends then you could just chat till you doze off.

When you wake up the next morning , you might probably get a new guide. Who might be a personified version if the Chill out Uganda.  You might find him sitting quietly that is at the back of the raft with a visor on, like the one spider one has in the movies.

On the second day alos you might end up lfipping over several times , although you probably wont even be worried by now. In fact you might be prett hooked on to the adrenaline rush that you get fro the whole thing.

By now you mustve reached the last rapid of the day. This was actually called Malaloo. Which actually means Crazy in the Lugnadan dialect. This just happesn to be one of the main language here in Uganda.

The rapid was just out of this worls , its was in fact one of those physical abnomalies with too much natural force for comfort. This rapid wthough was on one side of the rive which had the current almost flat just on the other side. And because of this, you could actually bounce over the white water and then clw your way across the entire river and then calmly paddle back up and then keep doing the whole thing again and again.

Check back ehre to know more about what happens here on the Nile in Uganda.

Go wild In the Nile in Uganda

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