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Music awakening in Senegal

Thu, Sep 2, 2010


While you walk the streets of Senegal, you will be able to find the West African breeze rustling through the palm trees and then it stirs up the dirt into what looks like a tiny tornado right in the parking lot. No, No, it definitely is not as bad as it seems.

You could hire a SUV to take you around and while you go past the nocturnal crowds that keep streaking in and pout of the nightclubs here. Or if you are arriving on foot, car, scooter or even by a battered and beaten up black and yellow taxi cab.

Get a chance to witness Mr. N’Dour in person who is Africa’s biggest music star.  Over here the city comes completely alive to the sound of music especially at night.

N’Dour has just arrived into Dakar which happens to be the capital of the beautiful country of Senegal. He was at a Gala in New York City with a foundation called “keep a child alive, charity”. Here N’Dour sang with Alicia keys. The show was performed in front of Richard Branson and Bill Clinton.

The music of Mr. N’Dour sounds less like a fifty year old international music icon and more like a talented local kid.  N’Dour has won a Grammy award and was also named one of Time magazines top hundred most influential people on earth.

N’Dour claims that he is still and will always remain close to Dakar. He claims that he was born in a small neighborhood just close by to a club. And he also says that the people in Dakar are very attached to his music.

When N’Dour takes the stage here, there is a huge roar of excitement and cheering. Almost as soon as he starts his music, there are about at least one hundred people who get on the dance floor. The music is fast driving and the drummers here the tradition Sabar drummers.

The music is rounded out by the uncompromised sound of the guitar, bass, keyboards and the hard hitting rock drum kit.

The first number to usually place is “less wakhoul”.  This song is completely propelling with percussion and melodic pop music that was popularized by N’Dour, he started working on making this kind of music aware to the locals in the year nineteen seventy and from then on this kind of music has been the dominant theme for most of Senegalese radio stations.. The real fun though, begins after the sun goes down into the Atlantic City. Over here, the concrete metropolis is just amazingly inventive, emotive and makes you feel like you are living in a jukebox.  Once the annual fete started here in Africa, there was international music festival that has been organized which started from the twelfth of December all the way to the nineteenth.  Here you will find music from Omar Pene. There also many local acts here that are just brilliant and local music scene in the city is just on another level altogether.

Check back here again to find out more about the music scenario here in Senegal.

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