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  • Savor Mozambique in its finest !

    Thu, Jul 1, 2010


    So you have been to the romantic places and the wildlife preserves. Get yourself up and come to the place where the people are sweet, the land is fun; the locals are warm and welcoming, and the sun shines in its most beautiful yellow !

    Mozambique is a beautiful county in south east Africa. This place was first discovered by Vasco Da Gama and later colonized by Portugal. In about 1975, Mozambique got its independence. Mozambique has a tropical climate so if it would be a good idea to go there anytime between April and September. The country has many lovely beaches with amazing coral reefs.

    Let us look at Pemba which is a beautiful port town in the capital of the Cabo Delgado province which lies in the north of Mozambique. The town is filled with banks, Patisserie, restaurants and supermarkets and lots of everyday- type fun things to do !

    The town stands out mostly because of its Portuguese architecture with lovely structures and lush green gardens. Ibo island is famous for its white sandy beaches and rich corral reefs.. if you are into diving then there is no better place than here.

    Apart from the many water sports, Pemba has amazing marine life, so when you go snorkeling you are going to have the time of your life. You can even swim with the dolphins. The best place for scuba diving is Nacole Jardim. This place has guides and good facilities for scuba diving.

    The local market here is called the Souq. At the Souq, you will find a lot of traditional articles .You can also buy locally made art, handcrafted goods and a locally specialized array of silverware. Although you should avoid buying ivory from the markets here as it is illegal to do so !

    Once you are done with your shopping and sight seeing, then visit the Wimbe Beach where you will find a wide variety of restaurants serving you lovely seafood dishes both local and continental. Which means that if you feel like fish and chips then you would have no problem getting it. If you are on for the after party then head out to ‘Restaurante Discoteca’; which is on the same beach. This place is on of the most hep clubs around. If you are in the mood for some serious meat then head to restaurant 556, bite into some delicious ribs, steaks and the many chicken delicacies.

    Let us look at a few places that you could check into, in Pemba.

    Complexo Turistico Caracol

    Its is a tourist living complex on the Pemba beach.

    Lono Lodge
    This is an exclusive beach resort in the north of Pemba.

    Pemba Beach hotel

    This place offers you a variety of rooms which come well furnished with an awesome view of the Indian ocean.

    Now that you know what to do once you are in Pemba, plan that trip you have been waiting for, take your family and friends to the lovely Mozambique.

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