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  • Mauritius, Heaven on earth

    Tue, Jul 27, 2010


    Heaven, according to mark twain was copied from Mauritius. It is comparatively smaller than most other inhabited islands. This beautiful looking pea shaped island lies in he Indian Ocean. Not affected by the outside pollution and commercialization, this place is completely untainted and natural as it has always been. The local people here have adapted themselves to the local environment.

    Officially called the republic of Mauritius is an island nation which lies to the east of Madagascar. This place also has the cargados carajos and the Rodriguez and agalega islands.  This island is one of the Mascarene Islands.

    The island was ruled first by the Dutch and then the French. After napoleon, the British took control of it. This place is a member of the African union, the South African development community. This place is also part of the La Francophone (French culture and French language related places).

    The economy here is upper middle.

    Creole, English and French are generally what are spoken.

    About one million and three hundred thousand people here are of Indian origin. It has the distinct attribute of being the only African nation which has a majority practicing Hinduism even though, there are quite a significant population of Christian and Muslim religions.

    Mauritius is the only place in the world which was home to the extinct dodo. The bird became extinct by the seventeen hundreds.

    The climate here is tropical. The winter is dry due to the southeast trade winds.

    The cyclones have devastating effects on the local flora and fauna, however these recover quite quickly.  There is an environment ministry which is responsible for keeping the island clean. This service is supposed to be very good in what it does, with the clean and spotless streets and environment here on the island.

    If you see that there is something about the environment that is not being attended to, then there is a portal to register complaints online.

    The best way to travel here is by taxi cabs and buses.

    The transport systems are free of charge for children, older people and the disabled.  Even otherwise; the charge is quite less for a bus ride.

    The island of Mauritius has been independent since the year 1968. It has been a European colony and has taken to the fine European culture. It is apparently called the mosaic of the Indian Ocean. . The places has many cultural influences from china, India, the rest of Africa, the continental and British. The place boasts large volcanic lakes and beaches. This place also has a very dramatic mountain range. The mountains here are known for their distinct formations and scenic landscapes. Most of the population here speaks Creole. . There are many hotels and resorts here. Although, these strictly adhere to the islands eco friendly behavior.  On the northward coast of the country lies the oberoi. The coast is comparatively quite less developed.  The hotels here are very state of the art although they are nothing too glitzy.  There are twenty acres of beautiful and lush land with an exquisite spa center. This place is known for its privacy and discreet hospitality services.

    One of the most famous restaurants here is the spoon des lles. This place is one of the islands most cherished and most visited places.  This place usually hosts a lot of the saint geran hotel and spa is another fine and elegant hotels that lie around the same region as the spoon des lles.  This place is also famous for the chef alain ducasses restaurants which have opened all over this region and has now opened in the Europes as well. . The cuisine here is both French and Asian bringing out the most exquisite dishes and specials from the both these regions.

    The best beaches over here are the public beaches, the locals usually come here very often to celebrate family occasions and catch up with their friends.  Even if you are staying at one of the famous luxury hotels which have their private beaches, for some reason there aren’t as good as the local public beaches.

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