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  • The your wild side out in the glorious wildlife of Masai Mara

    Tue, Aug 3, 2010


    This is one of nature’s most spectacular displays of wildlife on the entire planet.

    This place is a natural reserve which is called locally as the Mara. This happens to be on of the largest game reserves in western part of Kenya.  And is an effective northern continuation of the serengity national park game and reserve in all of Tanzania.  The reserve is named after the Masai people. . These were the traditional inhabitants of this area.

    This place has lovely detailing of trees, shrubs, savannah and cloudy regions that line this area.

    The games reserves are famously known for the Thomson’s gazelle. These giant migrations are what make this place very popular. This takes place every year in between July and October.

    This place is just a small part of the greater Mara ecosystem. . Amongst the famous ranches here are the koiyaki, lemek, ol chorro, orirowua olkinyei, siana, maji moto, olorien and kiminet.

    The reserve is about one thousand five hundred square kilo meters large.  The Mara serengity ecosystem covers about twenty five thousand square kilometers.

    There are many ranches meant for pasture that surround the park on most of its sides.  The amount of rainfall that this place gets is quite varied and it increases as you go from south east to the North West.

    The major rivers that are connected to this reserve are the sand, the tale and the Mara.

    Most of the hill slopes and the hill caps here are covered with many trees and bushes.

    The terrain here is mostly grasslands which in different seasons have small rivers flowing into them.

    There is an acacia tree forest in the south eastern region of this area.

    As the western border of this place lies the rift valley. This place is well known for its rick wildife. the water flowing in this region is amazing and crystal clear. As this place is not known to tourists, the area hasn’t been polluted or tainted. Nairobi lies about two hundred and twenty four kilometers away from the eastern border. The eastern part of this regions is the part which is most visited by tourists.

    The wildlife here is amazing. Wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles migrate here and from the Mara reserve.  They go all the way to the serengity plains to the south. These three species have their own herds all over the reserve.

    There are a number of lodges and camps. The roads here are fairly kept and are maintained.  There are rangers who patrol the area.

    There are no poaching activities allowed.  There are vehicle flow is strictly controlled. This means that the game drive would be an amazing experience.

    The reserve has many lodges and camps inside it.  The royal Mara safari lodge is based in the conservation area. . The place has very reasonable rates and costs about twenty five dollars per night.

    There are natural reserves based both inside the at the tourist areas and there are some that are located even outside the tourist areas which would also be worth the visit.

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