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  • Masai Mara National Reserve In Kenya

    Sun, Dec 6, 2009


    Reserving Wildlife: Masai Mara National Reserve

    Known for its rich wildlife, Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular reserves in Kenya and among all, here you could be able to take a look at game population. Extended upto 1530km² in south-western Kenya, it has derived its name from the indigenous people called Masai and the nearby Mara River. The place, during the months of July to October witnesses an intense migration of many animals from the Serengeti. The place is located in the Rift Valley, and its surrounding areas are totally forested. The rolling grass land is chief attraction of the reserve and the magnificent beauty of Mara River is ultimate.

    Came into existence in the year 1961, the site is fairly accomplishing its duty of defending the wildlife from cruelty of hunters. The place is looked after by local Mara Conservancy and Narok County Council. The animals are also allowed to roam outside the park and the vicinity is called ‘dispersal areas’ and many local inhabitants are also residing in that area. Here, you will witness a miraculous view of animals and humans living together with utmost harmony.

    Rocking Masai Mara Wildlife and birdlife

    If you are really interested in exploring the maximum amount of wildlife of the reserve than be there during the months of July to October as many animals migrate to the park from the Serengeti. The most seen animals are lions, cheetah, foxes, hyenas, leopards, and Black rhino. The migrated animals include zebra, wildebeest and Thomson’s gazelle and they go back to their original destination during October and November.

    You could also feel the presence of more than 400 bird species and those are marabou storks, hornbills, vultures,  Eagles, vultures, and ostriches, among others.

    Enjoyable Activities

    Hot Air Ballooning

    It is one of the must-experiencing activities in the reserve. The activity will be provided by almost all the lodging areas. The flight will let you to take a look at entire surroundings including views of animals, landscapes and the magnificent view of sun rising.

    Voyage by walking

    If you want to turn the exploration much exciting activity than walking around the Masai Mara national reserve is the best idea.

    Explore through the surroundings

    If you really want to enlighten yourself about the Masai culture than simply move towards the local village and try to mingle with the locals.

    Viewing Game and wildlife

    The reserve is not bounded with walls, so you can easily take a look at the games and other wildlife from any corner of the spot.

    Weather matters

    The dry season is observed during months of July to October whereas; rainy season can be witnessed during the months of April, May and November. The vicinity is coolest in the months being June and July and the hottest months being December and January.

    Reaching there

    By Air

    The service is provided by Wilson Airport and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

    Rail routes

    This facility is available from Nairobi’s Naivasha Station


    By car, you can reach there within six hours time as the distance between Nairobi and the reserve is near by 165 miles.


    Many tour operators provide the services to the reserve, hence you can opt for this mode of transportation also.

    Entry Amount

    To get inside the Masai Mara national reserve, an adult non-Kenyan has to pay US$60 and for children it is $30. As far as lodging is concerned, you will find many camps and lodges in and around the reserve.

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