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Marrakech Morocco - Old Sightings

Tue, Nov 2, 2010

Northern Africa

Marrakech City is known as the red city and it is situated in the Beautiful country of Morocco. Marrakech has a lot to see. This happens to be one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world.  When you come to the Central square look quite panoramic. There are huge bazaar and the whole place looks like a Russian painting.

Marrakech Morocco is a melting pot of Traditionalism and the hustle and flow of modernism.

When you plan to travel to place like Morocco; Marrakech City, you will get a feeling like you have returned to the old world into the time and charm of the Old Arab world. This can be felt quite strongly when you visit the head of the Djemma el Fna.

There us a carnival which has an atmosphere which brings in many tourists that are brought into this place from all over the world.  You could also go to all around to Medina, Morocco.  This thing is gotten only once to this place again and again.

When you come to Marrakech Morocco, there is a big mixture which is usually what is responsible for beautifying the entire place.  All this is made by the people of the Modern age. These people live right alongside the tribes of the place.

If you want to go around the city for a city tour, then you can do that on horse carriages. The horse carriages are quite convenient to move around the city.

You could also choose to walk around in the city. This is most probably where you might a lot of fortune tellers. You will find many kinds of entertainment and street sellers who are present here.  These are the people who would perform the monkey dance for you. There are even child boxers here.  This is probably where you could walk around and get a real taste of Morocco, Marrakech City.

You could also shop for smaller things like jewelry, rugs and souvenirs.  You could get most of these just by taking a walk around the city.  If you know how to bargain then you could get all of these things with a good chance that you could buy something at a price that comes a cost that is little more than the original one.

Basically when you come here to Marrakech Morocco, you would get the feeling that you are transported way into the past. The get this feeling is quite rare and is also quite exotic. The word Marrakech itself after that would leave you in deep reminisce of how much you enjoyed being here.

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