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  • Get delighted in Mahebourg, Mauritius.

    Thu, Jun 24, 2010


    Mahebourg is a small city on the south-eastern coast of the island of Mauritius

    The city has always been known for having a high profile tourist clientèle. This is because the tourist destination are serene and lovely and offer an experience that is available nowhere else on the planet.

    The city has a rich history associated with it. When the colonists first arrived in Mauritius, then entered through this city. There are places in the city which are said to be exactly alike what the city was during the medieval times.

    The city is rich is flora and fauna and you can even get a specialized tour in the Airgetta birds sanctuary. Fishing is big here in Mauritius and fishermen usually make their catch on an everyday basis.

    Historical weapons and other such artifacts and remains from the colonial battles are found here in the naval museum in the city. Hotels and resorts are in the plenty here in the city. You can get a decent house in the middle of a garden in the Le Preskil beach resort. The resort stands in the middle of a tropical garden.

    You will find most of what you ever need at the hotels like Air conditioned guest-houses to swimming pools.

    Languages spoken here are Creole, French and English. The climate here in the Mauritius is tropical. Warm and dry winters start in May and last till about November. The summer spans from November till May.

    Be sure to not litter in Mauritius as the local environmental police have the authority to arrest or fine you or both! Moving around in Mauritius is easy because of the inland public transport system. You will find a healthy amount of taxis cabs and buses to take you around.

    The Mauritius cuisine is a blend of Chinese, Creole, Indian and European influence. After the Dutch introduced the people here to sugar cane, the French then introduced them to the concept of making rum out of sugar cane. The production of rum from sugar cane here has been an ongoing tradition.

    Phoenix brewery on the island; produced beer. The Portuguese were the ones who discovered the dodo in Mauritius. After that the dodo has only been found here until it became extinct. According to a theory, the wild boars that were set free killed most of the already threatened dodo. The dodo is also incorporated into the coat of arms.

    There is a lot of water sport activities here because of the lovely beaches and the many tourists who visit the place. The island is surrounded with coral reef and calm waters. Deep sea fishing, surfing, skiing, cruising in a yacht and unbelievable but true- you can also go cruising in a submarine.

    So come and experience beautiful beaches and warm climates here in Mahebourg and the rest of Mauritius.

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