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Lammergeier Private Nature Reserve

Fri, May 13, 2011

Southern Africa

Lammergeier Private Nature Reserve is one of the most rewarding experiences in South Africa. The reserve is placed at the very south tip of the Drakensberg Mountain ranges flanked by Lady Grey and Barkly East in South Africa’s East Cape. The reserve is more than 8 000 hectares in area and has been given a huge number of diverse species of flora and fauna. There are a good number of species common to the area.

Lammergeier Reserve is situated in the Giants Castle preserve at Drakensberg. The name Lammergeier means “Bearded Vulture”. The birds are currently in the list of endangered species, and you can spot a good many Lammergeiers here. Lammergeiers were endangered since quite some time.

Lammergeier Hide has a huge number of raptors in addition to Lammergeiers. There are raptors of many kinds including Lanner Falcons, Black Eagles, Cape Vultures, Jackal Buzzards, and more. There are major raptor birds including Lanner falcons that come nearer to land attracted by animal carcasses.

Apart from Lammergeier Hide, the Giants Castle Game Reserve has a number of things to see. The reserve is located at the Province of Kwa Zulu Natal. There are a good number of habitats that are well worth seeing.

In addition to raptors, you will be rewarded with a good number of Eland Antelopes, Mountain Reedbuck antelopes, Baboons, Eland and more. The San Art Museum is in the grounds, and is worth a visit. The reserve is open from 5 a m to 7 p m in summers, and from 6 a m to 6 p m in winter.

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