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Ol donyo wuas and the private wildlife preserves, Kenya

Tue, Aug 10, 2010

Eastern Africa

The republic of Kenya is a country in the eastern region of Africa. This place lies along the Indian Ocean and is close to the equator it is bordered by Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north east. Tanzania lies to the south along with Uganda and Lake Victoria.

This place is famous for its wildlife reserves and the thousands of animal species.  The capital of this city is Nairobi.

This country is named after a scared mountain that is found in this very region.

The English meaning for the name of this country is gods resting place.  Because of the volcanic eruption that took place in prehistoric times here, this resulted win Kenyans association with divinity and creation. . The very indigenous inhabitants of the agricultural land and these people strongly believe in the traditions regarding the mountains surrounding Kenya.

Set around the million acres of open plains here in the land of Masai, the very dramatic Chyulu range of volcanic mountains.  This entire place is owned privately and the property over here offers exclusive access to   some of the few rare remaining wild jungle areas in Kenya.

Richard Bonham; who not only owns the place, but is also a frequent visitor here.  This guy was born in Kenya and  has chose an excellent site  for his stunningly designed home  which has  view if rolling grasslands  and also snow capped peaks  of the Kilimanjaro mountain. This mountain stands tall across the Tanzanian border. This lodge is perched high upon a ridge and this place has about four double thatched cottages that stand on stilts. These places offer a lot of privacy and these have large verandas that make for an amazing view of Mount Kilimanjaro. The furniture here is quite good and the beds here are amazing. These are said to have the effect of giving you an experience of a good afternoon siesta.  . This entire scenario was how it used to be in Africa during the early twentieth century.  . There are large uninhabited terrains and panoramas. The young herders of Masai come here with their cattle and relax and feel quite homely around the wild animals.

A lot of times, Bonham himself occasionally pops up and meets his guests and sometimes even goes out with them.  The travels on horseback, sometimes even on foot, but most of the time he goes out in his open top land rover safari.  Bonham brings out his true style and adventure experiencing and uses it in the every encounter with him wild.

The private wildlife reserves those are located in Isiolo Kenya.

At the foothills of the central highlands   in Kenya, there are beautiful and breathtaking views that are available at each of the many ridges present here. Guests can indulge in beautiful sceneries; take part in some wild games on the many private properties here. There are many herds of elephants and giraffes, zebras and antelope.  The Borana lodge has a major wilderness trail. There are two ranches which lie on the neighboring side. This place has more than one hundred thousand acres of cattle ranches that lie to the north of Kenya.  This place has many game drives and has many native trackers and tour guide and operators. There are other vehicles here too and not many have heard of the luxury sites as compared to the crowded national park regions of the east side of Africa.

These offer horseback expeditions and they also take you for hand on experience on the horsebacks of young horse is taught you’re the terrain and the best ways to riding the horse.  The expedition includes close encounters with the wildlife in this region.  During the night there are night games and these are constructed under the beautiful night sky.  The owners of this facility who are the Craig family, and conservation minded and they own the entire six hundred thousand wildlife trail of the Lewa down area.

This place has now transformed into a long white farm which has some adjacent land which is owned by the local government.  This place is the Ngare Sergio rhino sanctuary.  It has been set up for the conservation of endangered species. This place has about thirty six black rhinos and about thirty white rhinos. There are guards with weapons and warlike talkies to protect these wild animals from poachers.

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