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Intriguing Mopti tours in Mali

Thu, Jun 27, 2013

Western Africa

If you are planning to go on a Western Africa holiday then you get a great spot to visit and a wonderful travel destination to explore. Visit the important city of Mali, at the confluence of the River Bani and River Niger and marvel at the interesting geographical location of Mopti. This fishing port is full of activity and is a hub of a variety of ethnic cultures and groups like the Dogons, Bambaras, Tuaregs, and the Bozos who meet here.

Mopti is an important trading centre in Western Africa and the big Komoguel Mosque here made with red bricks is a fascinating structure for tourists coming here. The view of the mosque from roofs of houses is an interesting activity for tourists coming to this part of Mali.

Mali has very tourist oriented weather and it is a major part of the travel experience in visits here. The sharp changes of weather in the year also bring about a change in the landscape. Both the wet as well as the dry seasons are good times to visit this place.

Mopti, also known as the “Venice of Mali” due to the innumerable pirogues that are found here, is a beautiful conglomeration of salt brought from the Sahara desert. The Mopti salt market is another popular attraction in Mopti tours.

This market is another vibrant place filled with the best charms of African culture. Full of activity and life, one can see many things being sold here. The interesting Calabash which is a container made out of pumpkin is a thing of intrigue for the tourists. These Calabashes are decorated, exhibited, and treasured as prized possessions here. In fact, these are given as gifts to daughters during marriage. At the market, also get to see, iron smiths making fishing tools manually.

With the visits ending with a marvelous sunset cruise on the River Niger, Mopti tours are a fascination for all who visit Africa.

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