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  • Imilchil betrothal fair and trekking the high atlas in morocco

    Sun, Aug 1, 2010


    Among the remote villages in the Atlas Mountains, the Berber tribes are known to have ancient customs and traditions that they’ve been following from their ancestors. The most emblematical ritual here is the Imilchil betrothal ceremony which is held at the annual Imilchil fair. After spending a good amount of time in the hot summer mountains m the Imilchil clans along with their neighboring clans as well come back to the beautiful plain of Imilchil almost every September and settle in to prepare themselves through the winter.

    This place turns into a complete marriage mart and there is a much awaited gathering ceremony that happens here.  A lot of singles come to find their ideal partners and to be found by others. . The men here dress up in their traditional wear completely equipped with silver daggers. Girls wear modest dresses and handirs capes. The clothes here are heavily embroiderer and have a lot of accessories and decorative articles. The women wear as much jewelry as the family can afford and accommodate.  This is some form of symbolism for the meeting of the singles as well.  There are tiny girls who run round doing small talk. If a girl likes a guy she can take his hand and drag him around with her asking him different questions. . If the girl decides that she wants him and both of them are good with it, then they walk in to the scribe’s tent and the two families come close and have their discussions and negations. This fair lasts for about three days. There is a lot of food, music and dancing and all this makes for a beautiful, long and enjoyable wedding reception.

    The Moroccans believe that the mountains are as close you can get to heaven as possible without leaving earth at all. The snowcapped mountain range can bee seen from many points from within Marrakech and around it as well.  If you look at it directly the whole thing looks so awesome that you might not be able to look away for a while.  John Huston made the amazing movie, of the Tibetan squeezes of the man who would be king.  This reasonably flat terrain has elevation right up to thirteen thousand feet. . There are individual groups and many Berber run groups that operate the local tours there is also a United States run tour company called Sarah tours. . All these tour companies known their way around the place will take you through all the great valleys and forests and gorges of the Moroccan terrain.

    The highest peaks stretch across vast panoramas which have been well maintained and the government and locals have taken great efforts to not taint and ruin these natural wonders.  You will be able to meet and involve yourself in the warm cultures and hospitality of the Moorish and Berber mountain people.

    When you have such amazing locals who have such organized operating tours, you are sure to have an amazing time.

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