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Ilha do Cabo Travel Pleasures and Attraction

Thu, Jun 14, 2012

Eastern Africa

Come to the land of Angola and enjoy the travel delights in this part of the African continent. Enjoy the luxurious African winds and experience what you would never have seen before. This is the land of fun, excitement and adventure and enjoy the pleasures of being in a land of absolute delights and pleasures.

While here in Angola, you would surely not miss to go to Ilha de Cabo. The Ilha de Cabo is a land of deepest travel luxuries and gives you maximum tour delights. Ilha de Cabo or as it is otherwise known as Ilha de Luanda is a land of absolute delights and greatest travel memories. This is located a little off the shore of Luanda. This city Luanda is the capital of Angola and is a great place to be in. With a sandy strip that is formed by total sedimentation and absolute tour delights this is one land that is a great place to be in. the peninsula belongs to the INgombota municipality in the province of Luanda.

There was a Portuguese navigator by the name of Pauno Dias de Novais and he came to this land in the year 1575 and had many soldiers and also settlers .Then the island had Axi Iwanda which was sub group of the Ambundu people which was incidentally the tributary to KOngo Empire. The island was a very major location and used to collect zimbo. The zimbo are the shells that made up the KOngo King currency. This was the condition before the Portuguese arrived here. Then they came to this land and established themselves in this continent which lay in front of the island. Then they began to use the name of the inhabitants of Africa and they spelt it as Luanda and then it became Luanda.

Ilha is known by this name colloquially and is linked to the city through a passage and is situated at the base of the Fortress of Sao Miguel. This is the place where there are residents who come here and who try to recover from the stress that is seen in the capital especially during the weekends. There is a wide variety of restaurants and bars here and the beaches here are great pleasures. So come here and enjoy the beach pleasures here and also experience the flea markets which are a main attraction for the tourists here. There are marinas too which ensure that the visitor coming here get the best. 

Visit the first church built here by the Portuguese in the region of Angola and get to see the best tour pleasures. This church the Nossa Senhora do Cabo is situated here and was erected sometime in the year 1575 by around 40 settlers and then they came to the mainland in the year 1576. They thus found the present day Luanda.

The culture here is greatly a carnival type and is called the Uniao Mundo da Ilha which is a carnival group here. It was founded in the year 1968 by the inhabitants of the land who were indigenous and they had a group which had many members of the 150 items that mainly have samba and varina as their main dance style. There were many elements that are a part of the group since the time it was founded and they are greatly popular today across the world in these kinds of dance styles

There is a sports club here called the Clube nautico da Ilha de Luanda and is located on the island. There are many well known cuisine fare here and the Muzongue and the Mufete are very popular amongst the tourists. This is a type of broth that is very popular here in this land of culture, art and crafts.

Come here to the land of pleasure and great exciting adventures and feel the luxury of being in this land of Ilha de Cabo in the land of African adventurous travails.

The Ilha de Cabo is a great place to be in in this land of the African extravaganza in Middle Africa.

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