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Toddling Safari and Intensifying History of Gorongosa

Wed, Jan 20, 2010


One of the most luxuriant walking safari destinations in our world, Gorongosa National Park is a remarkable blend of historical heritage, diverse ecology, and distinct ethnicity of Mozambique. Perfectly positioned near the delta system and Lower Zambezi, this abundant national park is gifted with the natural river water that is being used by the copious wildlife and shrubbery within.

People visiting this place are usually enticed by dense tropical forests, mystifying caves, cascading waterfall, gushing rivers, rambling pans, woodlands and Albida forests. This natural vicinity of Gorongosa is one of the ecologically richest places on earth. Strolling through this safari walk is indeed an enriching experience. You can explore the world that’s not much known to you before. However, if your walk is accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, Gorongosa National Park is a matchless destination.

Tourist places are generally a center off business. There are several tour providers that offer day tours with their erudite guides. Explore Gorongosa, an eco tourism organization, is a company that has some of the best guides, who are effectively ale to merge the cultural, social, ecological, and historical components of this area during the tour.

Gorongosa National Park can be essentially termed as a perfect destination that represents the area’s historic narration and its effects on the nature of Mozambique. All over Africa, you won’t be able to find a destination as descriptive as this national park.

The walking safari offered by Gorongosa National Park is a highly gratifying and knowledgeable experience for the tourists. As mentioned earlier, it is a perfect place to explore the area’s history and primordial civilization. This interesting and all-encompassing vicinity of Gorongosa is a place which was once swathed with gold, ivory, Arabs, re-establishment projects, salve traders, and tribal communities & conflicts. These things had severely affected the richness and luxuriousness of the tropical area. However, constant efforts of conservation and rehabilitation have helped Mozambique to regain the status and biological prosperity.

Along with proving extremely well-informed locals as guides, the company of Explore Gorongora lodges people in diminutive tents that can be moved and carried easily. However, these are quite comfortable tents. These not-so-small tents can house at least 8 people at a time which provides tourists with a safari feeling and natural experience. There are numerous safari walks in and around Gorongosa National Park and every small part of each walk has some significance, some beauty, or some history. Explore Gorongosa ensures that you learn everything about it and hence it facilitates private tours in small numbers.

However, there isn’t any fixed schedule or itinerary for these safari walks. Hence, it’s possible to your time and your place of choice in Gorongosa National Park. There are several routine and regular safari walks. And there are numerous theme-based walks like birding safari or all-inclusive safari walk. This choice, as well, is your preference.

Exclusive Walking Safari Tours:

Due to it’s huge variety of ecology and biology, Gorongosa National Park offers many options for tourists. If you are among the few people who are attracted by the safari jaunts that coalesces your preferences, inspiration, enthusiasm, some detective-kind-of investigation, inspiration, and adventure, you can probably ask any tour operator for a personal safari jaunt, which they would be happy to offer throughout the year.

There are few special expedition provided by them currently. Few of them are artistic safari walk, birding, photography, anthropological, lion studying, species introduction, and Gorongosa Mountain.

All-Inclusive Walking Safari Tours:

Joining an all-inclusive walking safari tour, you will be introduced with the anecdotal topography of Gorongosa. Most of these walks are rich in sightings of local Lions and giant elephants of Mozambique. The guides here are well-informed about the re-production, existence, and extinction of the wildlife. They are well-versed with the hidden components of Gorongosa National Park, and the neighboring area. The information on formation of caves, the introduction of new species, the existence of life under the hidden rocks, and water bodies is what differentiates a normal walk and a guided walk.

Due to its richness in wildlife, some of the birds and animals are commonly and effortlessly spotted here. There are birds like African fish eagle, Egyptian geese, green headed oriole, many types of cranes, and many other species, whereas common wild animals include Lions, Hippos, Elephants, Antelopes, and Nile crocodiles.

The affluence and prosperity of Mozambique can be glibly seen through wildlife walking safari. However, you cannot know everything about Gorongosa and Mozambique without going for a community tour. These tours take you through the inspirational elements of this vicinity. You can explore the components and history of local civilization by opting for a community tour. These walks will take you through the newly built education institution and a hospital. You will learn this minor development in Vinho community has a major effect on the lifestyle of the population here.

Further, exploring the bio & eco diversity of Mozambique, you will discover that there essentially is a direct correspondence between the history and wildlife of the country. This region has been saved successfully with enormous efforts and conservation. Remember not to harm the natural surrounding when you visit Gorongosa National Park.

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