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Go wild In the Nile in Uganda

Thu, Sep 16, 2010

Eastern Africa

If you want to go white water fating in Uganda, you would probably be asked a question like Wild or mild.  The Nile is a historic place that has its source of life just gushing away about four thousand miles all across Africa and then to the Mediterranean Sea. This place has become magnificently beautiful. Now all you will be able to see ate large banks that go on for miles and mile of woodland, without no garbage or any pollutants. There is no kind of development here, no fences. All you would see here is the wide array of fauna that includes monkeys and the classical crocodile that lounge in the sun. If you want to get into the water, you should not hold back the water is warm and clean and perfect for a swim.  The guides are skilled and first to safety and you should be rest assured that they can save you from anything related to the water.  Uganda happens to be a nice place to explore if you want to experience Africa.  Rafting just happens to be a piece of the whole deal.  You should go trekking deep into the Bwindi National park and then you may even get to stand eye to eye with a five hundred pound gorilla. . You can scale mountain peaks and the rwenzorus which is now called the mountains of the mon. and you will also get to see different kinds of elephants at the Queens Elizabeth national park.  There are also faculties for you to jump, and kayak. When you have had your hearts fill of your wild side, then you may wan to head to the Capital of Uganda which is Kampala.  There are many Indian restaurants here which are all bout fine dining boutiques. You will get see large Marabou storks that fly around in circles in the air.

According to Winston Churchill, this little country happens to be the pearl o Africa. And till today it remains quite hidden.  Uganda doesn’t not really ring loud tourist bells. In fact Kenya is more tourists oriented than Uganda.  The crime rate here is much less than in Kenya. And there aren’t many tourists around and tourist related crimes are almost negligible.

In fact this place is also much cheaper.  Most of all there is an entirely different vibration here in. the Ugandans are mnore laid back and don’t have many issues with the foreigners who come here.  This is a place where anyone would look at you n talk instead of looking elsewhere and avoiding your glance. They also won’t try to make you feel extra nice and give you fake smiles and laughs.

In fact this also makes sense. Kenya used to be a British colony and now it had become a tropical playground for many aristocrats to drink some gin, shoot lions and cheat on their wives.  Uganda is supposed to be protectorate.  This basically means that many masses of foreign settlers who weren’t looked at colonists.  Kenya and Congo on the other hand were known to be colonized.

There have been decides where the rule of the earlier white settlers was stopped and discourages. And hence there is a discomfiting gap between the two races.

Uganda though has its own history. There are a lot of people who associate this with Idi Amin. This dictator from the nineteen seventies killed all his political enemies with a hammer and got his country deep into the clutches of terror and bloodshed for many years.  Now Uganda has corrected itself and driven out all the rebels which were here including the brutal Lords Resistance army. Today, this place is one of the safest place, and most stable nation in all of Africa.

Check back here in a while to find out more about the journey on the Nile in Uganda.

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