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Go wild In the Nile in Uganda Part 2

Thu, Sep 23, 2010

Eastern Africa

Now while you actually begin your rafting trip, you will come in though Entebbe airport which is the main airport in the country. From here you could head to Jinja which is a midsize town located on the river Nile. Also this is a hub of the booming rafting business in Uganda. You would be driving about two and a half hours into the countryside.  The place here is quite dark. You could spend the night at the Jinja Nile resort which is essentially a serene hotel which is located on a bluff which overlooks the Nile.

The rafting guide would advise you against shoes, flip slops, necklaces. Also if you end up flipping over then hold on to the raft.

There are two options, mild or wild!  If you want to go mild then by the end of the trip you would have to avail of the many rafters as you float down a long stretch of river, when you have clear steering then you might even come across more intense rapids.  One place here is almost like a swimming pool having flat water. Two from three could be buoyancy, four and five is tough and 6 would probably end up in death!

The guide will put you through the paces and teach you how to stroke and hold on the raft and finally get back on it. This is, in case you get tossed out.

The powerful Nile just pulls onto your paddles and then the fall just sucks you in.  When you look up, you might chance on some white egrets that cruise in the sky.

The rafts usually may smack you in a torrent of white water and in a matter of milliseconds you castle of buoyancy would probably be swamped.  The river almost swirls you into and almost yanks you out of the raft. You could clench the safety rope which is almost along the edge while you feel your heart pounding.  While all this is happening and you feel like you might not even make it, then suddenly you reach flat water again.

Now when you come to think about it, it doesn’t seem that bad.  Most of the river is actually quite placid. You may sometimes see a mile wide calm. In a distance you may see smoke lifting off from pointy roofs.  The walls are covered with leafy green banana leaves. You may spot large monitor lizards moving on the rocks.  If you start feeling hot, then just gather an entourage and jump into the Nile. And while you float on your back you may be well on your way to Egypt!

Check back here to find out more about what you could do on the waters of the river Nile.

Go wild In the Nile in Uganda

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