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Get Smart with Luanda Travels

Fri, May 25, 2012

Southern Africa

Angola is one land that is sure to leave a tourists totally intrigued and fascinated. This one region filled greatly inspiring historical stories is what makes a trip to Luanda in Angola very cherishable and memorable. With the entire region having seen a great boom in the construction this peaceful land has seen a lot of investment and tourism opportunities in the recent past years.

With the Angolan Government giving a lot to make the natural resources thrive here, it is not surprising that the land is today leading the charts when it comes to tourism in this part of the world.

It is a surprise for all the tourists when they land here as the architectural beauty and the innate quiet charm of the locale totally enthralls the visitor. So the Augustinho Neto Mausoleum is a total intrigue for the visitor and this towering structure that is obelisk shaped is a great attraction in tours here. With the first Angolan President helping Angola to get independence it is but obvious that this mausoleum has been built in memory of this great leader.

Then there is the Fortaleza de Sao Miguel which was constructed in the year 1576 and which became the main centre of administration in the Luanda region during the time the rule was colonial here. This is a lovely city which is totally self contained and has its own military garrison and is popular for its interesting structures. So come to Luanda and see the beautiful tiles and the ornate decoration in Fortaleza de Sao Miguel and get to see the lovely relics of this place and experience the historical value of the cannons and also the original cells where slaves were held.

Then there is the national Museum of Slavery which is another place where the tourists get really hypnotized. This is the place where the slaves were earlier held and were taken off to America. This building is the Capa de Casa Grande which is the place where the slaves were baptized and is the place where the chapel and the canons are a mainstay. There is a beautiful stone in the chapel and there are no descriptions in the chapel. Some of the objects of inters thee are the shackles and the whip and stocks which make up the lovely walls and the related works here.

A greatly fascinating high locale which adds to the intrigue of the travels here.

Then there is the National Museum of Natural History which is a lovely museum filled with the most intriguing collection of the most exciting species of animals. These are the crustaceans, birds, fish and many insects too. These animals are displayed such that the endangered animals are exhibited to the public and the extinct animals are made known to all. This museum has a great display of some of the most diverse organisms that have inhabited here and thus is a place of great interest to all those interested to know about the early inhabitation in the world.

Then there is the national museum of Anthropology which gives a greatly intriguing show of the traditional masks and the tools, sculptures and related weaponry involved. The musical instruments and the clothing that were used in the past are also displayed. ‘

Visit the Fortaleza Sao Pedro da Barra which is the fortress which served to protect people in the past. This was dedicated to the history of Angola and explains the culture of the reign with the beautiful tradition of the past also detailed.

Then go to the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Populo which is the first Anglican Church here and is also one of the most famous historical sites of Luanda. The Baroque kind of architecture ad the absolutely fascinating interiors is what attracts many people to this place.

Igreja Nossa Senhora do Populo
Luanda with its special sights and great tour attractions makes up for more than one way of entertaining tourists.

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