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Get Enchanted in Travels to Egypt

Mon, May 21, 2012

Northern Africa

Who wouldn’t want to explore the deeper regions of the world which give the best reasons to travel across the world?Who wouldn’t want to find the most treasurable sights in the most unexpected places, and go back with a treasures chest of travel memories?

Every tourist who is an adventure seeker is sure to visit the continent of Africa for here is where lies the actual thrill and excitement of true travels. Come here and head towards the northern part of the continent and land in Egypt the land of pleasures and travel delights. This is where you would find the ideal tour locales and the most interesting travel sights. Come to Egypt and bask in the pleasures of those sites that you would surely want to visit across the entire length of the trip. There are many people who you would meet in the tours and you are sure to get impressed with their simplicity and disposition. For here in Egypt you would find a culture that you would spin a yarn about and a lifestyle that is only seen to be believed.

A very intriguing land filled with utmost travel experiences, Egypt is like a travel magnet in this part of the world. So come here and enjoy the sights of the tombs and the ancient pleasures which form the mainstay of travels here. Come here and bask in the sights of the Pyramids of Giza, the Abu Simbel and many such fascinating sights. Aswan Dam and Luxor still form a major attraction here.

It is very important that the entire trip to Egypt is planned well and a lot of advance planning is needed to save effort, time and money. One doesn’t come to Egypt everyday so it is imperative that you let your hair down here, and learn to enjoy this beautiful land filled with the greatest pleasures.

Extending on the banks of the River Nile, Cairo is the capital of Egypt and has a lot of sights to offer. The Ancient Egyptian city of Memphis and the Great pyramids of Giza, the Old Kingdom and such sights are great experiences in this land of joy and travel tales. Cairo showcases a culture so well organized and fascinating that tourists go back educated with the pleasures of Egypt traditions and culture. So come here and see the lovely art galleries and the beautiful music halls. The Cairo Opera House is one such monument here. Cairo also gives comfortable accommodations and caters to the tourists with the best restaurants in this part of the world. The Four Seasons and the Cairo Marriott are two such important hotels in the world.

Most of the Egyptian charm lies in the beautiful mix of Islamic culture and unbelievable traditions. So get to experience the mix of cultural ethos here and feel the fascinations of Christian Copic and the Jewish culture blend together. This is a unique and interesting mixture that would keep you engrossed in your tours to Egypt.

Then there is Luxor which is a city in the southern part of Egypt and gives the best insight into how this country works. This is the capital of the Al Uqsur governorate. There are around 200,000 inhabitants here and this is the site of the ancient city Thebes. This is also the place where the world’s greatest open air museum is located. Luxor in Egypt is a city that has a mild climate and is a beautiful place to be in. With the tourists getting drawn to these cities in Egypt, travels here are surely a great way to spend a vacation. With the mix of the Roman and Greek empires here, the place is also famous for the Valley of the Kings.

Tourism is the major economy here and people coming here enjoy their tours and go back loaded with a lot of information. Thus Egypt surely is a major feature in travels to this part of Africa.

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