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Gabon Places to See

Fri, May 18, 2012

Middle Africa

Come to Gabon in Middle Africa and enjoy the best pleasures of African travel. There are many places to see in Gabon and these give you the best kind of travel memories here in this part of Africa.


Visit Libreville which is the capital of Gabon and is a port on the River Komo. Situated near the Gulf of Guinea this is a great trade hub and is a centre for the production of timber. This is a wonderful city and has many travel attractions which brings tourists to this part of the world and the fascinating sea views that it gives is what makes Libreville a magnificent travel destination. Get the time to come here and relax in leisure here.

Gabon Places to See
Originally belonging to the Mpongwe tribe, this was founded by the freed slaves who used to live here. Libreville in French means Free town. This was discovered in the year 1848. This city was the main port of the French Equatorial Africa and was the mainstay of the Battle of Gabon in the year 1940.  Slowly the city grew and became a major administrative centre. Today it is a major tourist locale and has many sightseeing spots which include the National Museum of Arts and Traditions, the ST.Marie’s Cathedral, the French Cultural Centre, the carved wood church of St. Michael, the Arboretum de Sibang, Nkembo and two beautiful cultural villages to see. Mont Bouet is the main market of Libreville and is a major tourist attraction. ‘

You also have the Pongara National Park along the estuary of KOmo and this 929 square km expanse of land is a great zone for travel pleasures. Then you also have the Akanda National Park behind the Cap Esterias. This is popular across the world as the place where the migrating water birds are found. But the best sight is the seafront here or the bord de mer as they call it in French. People come here on a regular basis and relax by the side of the majestic Atlantic Ocean. The simplicity of the surroundings and the lovely ambience that is exuded is what makes a visit to the sea front a moment to cherish forever. See the Gabonese sculptures here and enjoy the sights that the entire region gives you. Then go along in the Nzeng ayong and see the Arboretum de Sybang where you would be enthralled to find the huge tree sanctuary where you would find the best collection of species.

Such activities and more make a visit to Libreville very important and you would certainly love to spend time exploring the whole place as also interact with the people here. Also try to get some lovely souvenirs which would remind you of this lovely place forever. Experience the benefit of enjoying all the sports like horseback riding, Golf, squash, tennis, bowling, and sailing and of course adventurous pursuits. Bring enough money to enable you to enjoy all this and more and just bask in the pleasures of being in the boulevard the L’Independence and see how this city gives you reasons to come back for more.

Then you have the other regions like Lambarene, the place which was put on the map of the world by Albert Schweitzer because of his hospital. Then you have Port Gentil which is again a great place to be in and is famous as the most important petroleum centre of Gabon. Then there is the Loango National Park which is Africa’s Last Eden.

Gabon in Middle Africa is full of pleasures, exciting locales and fun. Do visit it to enjoy even more.

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