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Fun and art in Bujumbura

Wed, Sep 1, 2010


The republic of Burundi is a landlocked country which lies in the Great lakes region of East Africa. Rwanda lies to the north and Tanzania lies to the east.  Congo lies to the west. The population of this place is about eight million, seven hundred thousand.  And the capital of the Burundi is Bujumbura. The country is directly adjusted to the Lake Tanganyika.

The Twa, Tutsi and the Hutus are the people who used to live in Burundi originally.

The salsa night at le Kasuku is amazing French and Belgian inspired restaurant and club. The city of Bujumbura is a freewheeling display of palm tress and art from the colonial era that decorates the many buildings that are on the shores of the Lake Tanganyika.  A lot of the aid workers and students make up the crowd for the nightlife here in this city.  The night clubs are on till the morning and the dancing is on full throttle.

Bora is a stylish beach side shack that opened up in the outskirts of the city. Many people from the united nation staff and members of foreign aid; come here to unwind and relax from their work lives.  The play list includes the best numbers from house and reggae.  On a busy day, it would be difficult for you to get into the club. It would be best of you would go and relax on the tables that are just along the beach!

Also you could grab yourself a lounge and enjoy the amazing view from the swimming pool. Once the sun starts setting, you could go out n head to the many bars and restaurants that are along the Avenue de la Plage.

This is a relatively quieter place with lawns that are well scaped with a swimming pool which could make for a wonderful evening with a game of water polo or just enjoying some cocktails by the pool.

An American style bar and grill, Maguis, which is located at the university avenue just around the outskirts of the Bwiza district. This place serves lovely steaks. This place also has an outdoor setting which you could go and avail of at any time. And in proximity are towering fig trees.

Get yourself informed about the local art and culture about the area and pay a visit to the Centre Cultural Francais.

You would get to look at art exhibitions, poetry displays, and also live performances.

The Havana club starts its show by midnight, once inside; the whole nightclub is power packed and energy filled. You could also choose to get yourself into one of the many nightclubs here. And lounge in front of the many colorful art decoration that can be displayed all around the city. The nights here start late so by the time you are done with the night party it may probably be around sunrise.

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