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  • Fish River Canyon

    Fri, Dec 4, 2009


    A gorge that is Gorgeous: Fish River Canyon

    The Fish River Canyon is the largest in Africa and second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia. It also boasts to be the second largest Canyon in the world, but no comparisons to it when it comes to paradise for photographers. The clicks will keep on clicking the minute you enter in gorge.

    The Fish river is the longest river in Namibia which ends at Ai-Ais the hot springs.

    The whole gorge is 160km in length and is 127km wide. The picturesque inner canyon is marvelous 550m profound.

    The composition of this grandeur started about 1.8 millions years ago with sandstone, shale and laves deposits. Over the past 50 million years the canyon has developed to be the most imposing and striking gorge in the world. It brings the excitement and thrill to the adventurous hikers making them feel home away from home. A place so gorgeous a must visit for every hiker. Its surrounded by boulders and impassive cliffs.

    Reaching to The fish river Canyon:
    • Via Air: Windhoek International Airport.
    • Via CarB4 Southwest for around 44km(27 miles), then left onto the C12(from Keetmanshop). After 77km(48 miles) a right turn is signposted for The canyon.
    • Please check the visa requirements well before and plan the visit accordingly.
    • The Hiking trail begins near Hobas on D601 and ends at Ai-Ais Hot Springs at C10.
    • Avoid negative surprises and trust an Africa travel specialist who will always give you the best deal. A cheap deal in Africa is not always a good deal.

    The Canyon is privately own as well.
    The Fish River Canyon is a typical Semi-desert Climate.

    • Summer: Very hot during months of October-March temperatures rise to 48degree Celsius during day.
    • Winters: very short but temperatures can go to 0 degree but in day time it is 20 to 28 degree Celsius. May –July.
    • Rain: is very unpredictable and varies between 50-100mm per year.

    Its therefore recommended to visit it during winter season as the Heat stokes is common in summers. Hiking is allowed between April 15 and September 15.

    The Vegetation is as per the semi-desert habitat. The trees can survive droughts upto 5 years. The flowering is in winter. Its national Tress is Quiver tree.  Namibia’s national tree, the Aloe dichotoma or Quiver Tree is mostly found in the south Wild horses, Leopard,Kudu, Steebork, Klipspringer, Mountain Zebra are the natural world of the canyons. To add to the family are birds including Pelicans, Black Eagles, Fish Eagles, Kingfishers, Lovebirds, Wild Ostrich and various species of waterfowl and wading birds, such as Herons. It is a place to visit and not live.

    As the name says here we find abundance of fishes sush as as Barbled catfish and Yellow fish.

    Beware of snakes(Cape Cobra, Black Spitting Cobra, Puff adder and Horned adder) and rodents.


    Lodges of the Fish River Canyon:

    • Canon Lodge: Natural Rock Chalets
    • Canon Roadhouse : En-suite rooms, campsites, restaurant, pool; fuel-station
    • Canon Village: Cape Dutch Cottages
    • Canon Mountain Camp:Rustic self-catering camp, en-suite bathrooms; kitchen

    The Fish River Hiking trails
    • Starts At hobas get along to 85 kilometers ie 53 miles to end.
    • Takes 3 to 5 days to complete.
    • Decent starts at Hikers View ( about 3km north of the main viewpoint.
    • Route follows river bed.
    • Terrain consist of rocks,boulders,sand and river crossing.
    • There are number of shortcuts also available.
    • Steep path
    • Once you reach on the top you feel the pharaoh of desert.
    • The trail ends at Ai ais. meaning Burning Water in the local Nama language), a hot water spring which wells from the earth and is believed to cure rheumatism.

    To make your experience memorable take care of following things:

    • Drink lots of fluids. Carry water with you for trail.
    • Refill water from larger pools only.
    • Carry your sleeping bag as you have to sleep outside while on the trail.
    • The emergency services are available though it is still rudimentary.
    • Beware of snakes and rodents.

    The Fish River Canyon is the gorgeous and magnificent. It’s the test that every hiker need to pass to qualify himself as hiker.

    Contact Addresses
    Namibia Wildlife Resorts Ltd, Private Bag 13378, Windhoek, Namibia
    Tel: (061) 256 446

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