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The festival of the oasis- Tunisia

Thu, Aug 26, 2010


The ever looked forward to  Camel races which is held quite close to heart amongst the Tunisian , the many camel races that are conducted here are one if the main highlights and is also one of the most commonly Bedouin events here in this region.

Considering that camels aren’t really fast; you can see them galloping across the desert in a unique, clumsy fashion. This makes for quite a humorous sight.

The Bedouins live in circular tents which are spread out and circular. These tents are erected in the desert region which lies to the outskirts of the town. Here the music is also quite applaudable. Also, the local food here is amazing. Dancing and making merry, is almost included in their regular culture  and is also what makes the beautiful and warm  and fun loving land of Tunisia  so perfect!

The other forms of entertainment here is the whip cracking, knife throwing, camel fighting and horse racing and finally camel fighting. These festivals are usually held during the long end of the year.

Tozer as a place is quite popular even without its festivals.  This entirely is a proper desert which is filled with palm trees and date trees.  This architecture is from the fourteenth century. The buildings here have domes on the roof and the archways are built in plush Moorish design. The patterns seem quite geometrically inclined.

The local handicraft industry; includes the works of most of the local artisans; is quite well known and famous all over the region.  Different kinds of jewellery, ornaments, ancient weapons and coins are all sold in the local markets.

This area has a famous park built with the Arabian ranches theme. You are sure to get an awesome desert and Bedouin experience with a safari and camel rides; which includes a mouth watering buffet; including some of the local Bedouin cuisine. Tunisia has a festival oriented culture and even the smallest of villages have time; set out of their schedules to specifically celebrate whichever festival lies ahead, whether it is the summer harvest, the fishing season or even the arrival of spring!

The festivals and cultural events are well known and promoted very well through out the country. Also; the festivals which are inclined to art and music occur usually during July and august. During these festivals; hotels make special accommodation for the people arriving for the festivals. Tunisia is a part of the FECC (Federation of European carnival cities).

Let us take a look at the different festivals in Tunisia.

Tatouine Ksour Festival

This place rose to global fame from the motion picture ‘star wars’, where from a lot of the scenes for the film was shot here. The festival lasts for three days in March.

Lag B’ome pilgrimage

This is from the landmark island of Djerba. This place has been here since the seventh century BC. The synagogue here at La Griba is the main venue for the annual pilgrimage which is organized during the famous Jewish holiday of La B’ome. This festival is held in Djerba and is held every year on the eighteenth Iyyar of the Jewish calendar.

Arabian horse Festival

This festival includes horse races and different military style parades. This festival is held for three days in July. This festival takes place at Meknessey Sidi Bouzid.

Carthage international festival

This festival celebrates the spirit of international art with lot of fusion between local and international art and music.  The dances are more mainstream with international styles. Tunisian music is famous for being blended with jazz.

Check back here soon to find out more about the festivals in the beautiful city of Tunisia.

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