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  • Fes Medina (Fes el Bali): The Imperial City

    Thu, Dec 3, 2009


    Fes el Bali the pride of Morocco, listed under world heritage site by UNESCO since 1983, its larger medina is believed to be world’s largest contiguous car free urban area, an unique feature of the region. Morocco has been conscious of the importance of their cultural heritage that’s why the medians are still alive and that too in its true colors. The culture and the heritage have been well taken care of. The place mirrors its age old tradition as most people continue to do their traditional work and the cacophony of large cities is not seen.   All together a different experience enchanting, vibrating mosque, markets, food shops and bazaars of metal crafts handicrafts. The traditional leather dying is still done and visitors can see leathers being soaked in the sun. This city perfectly guides you into place where roads are small and cris -crossed yet no jams happens because its CARFREE CITY!!

    From the pages of history

    It was founded in short time after Arabs entered the country in the eighth century AD.

    The media is home to two noteable literary institutions. The Mederesa Bou Inania founded in 1350 is a perfect example of Andalusian architecture and the Al-Qarawiyin theological university was founded in 857 AD.


    It is located 34 degrees North latitude and 5 degrees West of Greenwich meridian.Morocco

    Opening timing

    Its open 24 hours daily, you can sneak into the site you feel like.

    Admission fees

    You don’t have spent even a penny to get into the site, its open for everyone 24×7 for free of cost.


    156,000 people are estimated to live in this place.

    Site size

    The site covers around 300 hectares.


    Fes el Bali is built to human scale, roads are narrow an at times suffer from congestion

    It is estimated that there are 10,539 retail businesses in the city and most time of the inhabitants are consumed in their family business. Entire city is surrounded by high walls penetrated in a relatively few locations by historic city gates. The streets are informal social places unlike streets which are used just for transportation. It is exciting to roam through such markets and shop in road stores as we habituated to get to escalators and get into shopping complexes. It is prime example of sustainability where LPG is consumed in modest amount and little pollution is spread. It is not green place but definitely extremely clean region. Animals are used to carry the freights and it seems that it would continue in the unseen future . This place cannot be claimed to be a rich city but the people are healthy and prosperous but the low standard of living may make you feel the other way.

    How to reach

    You can board  flight and land in Marrakech Menara Airport which the nearest airport to the site and if  you feel like getting some train ride instead of going by roadways then there are train services from Marrakech station and then there are public bus services available which will drop you to the venue.

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