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  • Experience Adventure At Amboseli National Park In Kenya

    Tue, Dec 1, 2009


    Amboseli National Park was formally called as Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve located Kajiado District, Rift valley Province in Kenya and spread around 39,206 hectares and 8000 square kilometers across Kenya-Tanzania border. This is one of the most superlative national parks which are fascinated because of its low rainfall area. Maasai is the local tribe located here the culture of this tribe and intensive agriculture along the system of swamps which attracts the tourists from all countries. It is located 260 kilometers away from the capital city of Nairobi. Amboseli National Park is the third most visited park after Maasai Mara National Reserve and Nakuru National Park.

    Amboseli National Park

    Joseph Thompson was the first European to break through Maasai region in the year 1883. After entering the Maasai region he got surprised to discover the wonderful wildlife with bone dry areas and the refuge of swamps which are still must watch in the Amboseli National Park. The park earned $3.5m in the year 2005 as a protection from UNESCO to save the ecosystem of the park. It was set aside as ‘Southern Reserve’ for Maasai in 1906 and Gazetted as National Park in 1974. On September 29, 2005 the park was given to Kenya Wildlife Service, Olkejuado Country Council and Maasai tribe by the president Mwai Kibaki.

    You will find a wide range of elephants in this National park of Kenya. You should not forget to photograph the splendid Mt Kilimanjarao the utmost single mountain in the world with large herds of elephants roving in the swamps. The lake of Amboseli is salted and dries most of time covering large area of dusty desert. This is one the best treasures of nature which covers the ground water coming from the highest mountain; it gives an amazing experience of paradise of freshness. You will enjoy a blissful moments by watching the herds of elephants which are viewed in early morning and afternoon. It will be an adventurous time spending in the park with a wide range of animals.

    Elephants, Zebra, Gnu, Hippopotamus, and Buffalos, Spotted hyena, Waterbucks, Maasai Giraffes, lions and Cheetah can be seen in the park. You can watch many mammals around the swamps during the day and they move towards the hilly countryside by the night. There are different 420 species of birds in the park. The south east part of the park is woodland with a high rise of vegetation. The big swamps and marshes, which are rich with Cyprus papyrus, provide water and food to wildlife in dry seasons. Elephant grass, high tuff of whitish-yellow grass as high as elephants is the main vegetation of the park. You will not find any tress in the park because of salinity of water and soil. While on the other hand most trees get destroyed by the elephants. There are palm tress and acacia tress at some places in the park. Southern and south western parts are the greenest parts of the park. One of the oldest national park of Kenya opened in April 1948 and gazette national park in the year 1974. Take an adventurous Safari to visit the park. There are many different safaris available for the tourists which are of 3 days to 8 days for different destinations near the park.

    African Elephants, Amboseli National Park

    July to December is the best time to visit the park when there is no rain or moderate rain. Avoid visiting the part from January to June when rainfall goes to 100mm to 200mm.

    Sites near the Park
    • Mt.Kilimanjaro & Mt Meru
    • Maasai Cultural Conversation Project
    • Large herds of elephants and black rhinoceros and birds of 428 species
    • Swamps, springs surrounded all around the park
    • Amboseli Lake
    Hotels and Accommodation

    There are many lodges near the park where you can have a pleasant stay. However there are two places for campsite, both are located in the southern part of the park. You can easily get accommodation in the lodges near the park with low prices from January to June and high prices from July to December.


    How to Reach

    You can go by Mombasa road from Nairobi driving towards Athi River towards south to Namanga town that is border of Tanzania. Another option is from Nairobi take Mombasa road upto Emali, then direction towards Kimana gate which is the east part of the park.

    Entry to Park
    • For Adult residents 500 Kshs
    • Children residents 200 Kshs
    • Adult non resident 30 US
    • Children non resident 10 US
    Fees for Vehicles per day
    • Less than 6 seat 200 Kshs
    • 6 to 12 seats 500 Kshs

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