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  • Essaouira Gnaoua Festival – the best of its kind in Morocco

    Thu, May 13, 2010


    The Essaouira gnaoua festival is been celebrated in Essaouira. It is a quaint port that is been painted in white and blue color, moreover is an idyllic resort for the majority of the travelers. As any traveler would dream this place is quite laid-back as well as vibrant, it is distinctive yet comforting. Within this astonishing melting pot of jazz, music, rock, as well as world musicians craft innovative fusions in the theater as well as share the musical cultures. In addition, the performances during Essaouira gnaoua festival are generally organized in afternoons and in evenings, which gives you abundance of time for relaxing and enjoying the tranquil charisma of Essaouira all through the day. This festival is regarded as one of the few major festivals that are celebrated in Morocco. In addition, the performances during Essaouira gnaoua festival are acknowledged to be one of the few best out of the numerous festivals taking place in Morocco.

    This Moroccan Essaouira gnaoua festival fuses music, mysticism, tradition as well as a memorandum of tolerance for creating an exceptional cultural celebration, which attracts huge numbers of music lovers each and every year.

    The Essaouira gnaoua festival was for the first time celebrated in the year 1998 for honoring the wonderful music of the Gnawa, who are the descendents of the African slaves and have fashioned brotherhoods all across Morocco. Amongst the Gnawa are the musicians, the clairvoyant healers as well as mediums that carry out rituals, which are similar to the voodoo whilst playing the exclusive rhythm of the music of Gnawa.

    The maalem who is the master musician, by means of the assist of his numerous fellow musicians, requests the spirits for the duration of the ceremony for putting the followers of Gnawa in a state that is similar to trance by means of the spell-binding rhythms. The ritual of the music of the Gnawa is been created as of three main instruments: ganga drums, a 3-stringed lute, and castanets. In addition the Gnawa focuses on the all-comprehensiveness of the music, which they use as a tool for preaching tolerance as well as acceptance.

    This festival is been held once a year in the month of June, moreover attracts almost around 500,000 music fans every year. In addition, artists from each and every corner of the world arrive here, for joining the Gnawas on the stage for smashing the crowds, which flocks in the region for this festival. Moreover, past performers have comprised of Ky-Mani Marley, who is the son of the reggae legend Bob Marley. The four days of this festival are been filled with numerous performances, as well as the ultimate night of the sequence comes to a conclusion in an enormous musical celebration.

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