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Equatorial Guinea Places of Attraction

Fri, Jan 20, 2012

Middle Africa

Visit Equatorial Guinea set in the most beautiful surroundings and ensconced in the most verdant stretches of land. Get into this land of pleasures, travel thrills and excitement. Come and enjoy the best of what you could give yourself in this part of the world.

Visit Malabo or Pico Malabo as it is called and enjoy the sights in this rundown city with its intriguing scenes. There are very few hotels and restaurants here and some of them are just enough to satisfy your hungry palate. Go to the Luba or the Riaba and enjoy the scenery of these places. The beaches in both places are quite pleasantly enjoyable so experience the exotic nature of these regions.

Then you have Annobon to visit which is another beautiful region of Equatorial Guinea. Lying around 500 km to the southwest of Rio Piedras, Anobon is a small island that lies in the region of Biafra. The locals call it Pagalu and the island is around 8 kilometres from north to south and more than 3 kilometres in width. Spanning over an area of around 17 square kilometre this is a perfect tourist locale with its mountainous terrain and greatly majestic peaks. The Pico del Fuego lies to its north and you have the Pico del Centro lying in the south. The Pico del Fuego is around 454 metres in height and the Pico del Centro is around 630 m. Pico Surcado is a volcano that is extinct and here there is a lake that is located in the crater that formed early. San Antonio is a village which is inhabited by more than 400 people and is also the biggest town in this part of the world. Situated to the south of Punta del Palmar the San Antonio village is a lovely and picturesque zone here in the Equatorial Guinea.

Go to Luba which is located less than 50 kms from the city of Malabo. This is the second largest town in Bioko and is a perfect beach paradise for all. the Arena Blanca is a beautiful place to visit along with the innumerable small fishing villages which provide the sights of being in a garden of eden. There are hiking trails for those who are interested in advednture. You need not worry about transport here as there are many minibuses and taxis which take you back to the capital. Communaut Finciaire Africaine or the CFA is the currency here. Luba has only two cafes so and is an intrigue to many tourists. There are no facilities for overnight stay so visit this place in the day and come back. There is a booth which supplies material and also fabricates it to be given in the offshore oilfields that lies in the southern part of this town.

Then you have Rio Muni which is that part of Equatorial Guinea that is located on the African mainland. This is the least traveled portions of Africa and an exploring tourist would surely love this region. To the south of this town is a great beach paradise. One gets regular flights from a place called Bata going to Malabo. There is a ferry once a week which carries you across the place. There are no good roads here which make the travel a little difficult.. Coco Beach and Acalayong do not have a bridge in between them. Take your own vehicle to Libreville and take a detour to Evinayong.

Equatorial Guinea is a land of pleasure, thrill and excitement coupled with a lot of travel pleasure.

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