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Endeavor Windsurfing in Cape Town

Thu, Dec 10, 2009

South Africa

With its propelling, reliable breeze, humid ambience, and exquisitely expansive, pallid beaches, Cape Town is a reverie spot for audacious surfers. The elegant panoramas and azure waves on pasty coastline of this peninsula is an ideal location for voyagers incisive to do something adventurers.

Beginners can practice at Muizenberg, while professionals can flaunt their skills at Kommetije. This is what the southern suburbs have to offer. The flawless beaches roaring at Blouberg Strand located in the Northern coast the western coastline presents a whole new dimension of windsurfing and other water sports including kitesurfing. The beaches of Cape Peninsula offer opportunities for windsurfers at all levels.

Windsurfing Spots

There are numerous locations strewn all over the isthmus that seems ideal for various water sports. Hence, it’s quite imperative to hire a car and have good neighborhood contact to enjoy the effusive place fully. However, there is no necessity to fret when you are equipped with comprehensive, precise information.

  • River Mouth
    Also known as Lagoon Beach, this is the nearest seashore to Cape Town. A short, swift 10-minute drive from the heart of the city will drop you at River Mouth. This is a stunning beach with stumpy area for initial 50 meters, which makes it a perfect place for novice or learners. The engorged land here is quite lesser than the other northern beaches that can permit you to endeavor some simple wave sailing.For the non-active windsurfers waiting for their partners can kill leisure time in the adjoining cafes and a Thai restaurant overlooking the gorgeous panoramas. You will find scores of kitesurfers munching the delectable food in this bistro.

  • Sunset Beach
    This place attracts professional and experienced windsurfers due to its excellent engorge building and warm breeze before the dusk. This place doesn’t offer much of leisure places or activities for non-windsurfers. However, they consider opting to stay overnight at the Sunset Beach Accommodation located very close to the waves. This is amongst the most famous windsurfing beaches of Cape Town and it attracts hundred thousand of adventurers every year.

  • Dolphin Beach
    If you are really keen to learn professional windsurfing, Dolphin beach is an ideal trainer. The huge open beach area and neighboring vistas attracts non-surfers to try their negligible skills in this invulnerable water of Dolphin Beach. You can find several exquisite espresso bar and lavish inns on the coastal area.

  • Big Bay
    The winds and waves of Big Bay is least bothered about the type and level of surfers sailing on its surface because its made foe everyone. Non-surfers can spend time gaping at the picturesque panorama and listening to the growling waves of Big Bay.Due to such quaint, charming views and windy atmosphere it is home to several domestic and international windsurfing contests every year. This attractive beach with Table Mountain standing sturdily on the other end is just a 20-minute drive away from the city.

The Wind

The climate is usually congenial in all the twelve months. However, if we gauge the perfect period with ideal conditions for windsurfers and kitesurfers, the months amid October and March is quite apposite. Best gushes of breeze wanders in this area from November to February. To take full advantage of the blustery beaches, visit between 2pm and 6pm when the strongest wind will keep you sailing till the dusk.

Supplementary Benefits

It’s not just the unswerving breeze and terrific surfing conditions that you will find in this location. It offers a wide variety of miscellaneous activities during the exceptional non-windy days for surfers, non-surfers, kids, and families. The coasts of Cape Town have something for each visitor.

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