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  • Elands Bay: A Surfer’s Paradise

    Fri, Dec 11, 2009

    South Africa

    The place must be visited by those who love to do wild surfing, this place is something 3hr away from the Cape Town and it has managed to stay away from the cacophony of the city. The people from cities if feel like getting a break from their usual life they come here to unwind themselves. The beaches are really pleasant and you can spend hours sitting here and gazing hours at the beautiful sea. In this place you would be able to find restaurants to eat wonderful sea foods and those who have ate here says the food brings them back again to the place so no guesses that you would find something great to eat as well. The place as believed is not dominated by locals; you would find people from many places.

    The place is also known for the variety of birds that can be seen here. More than 240 species of wild birds have built there home in this place. So anyone of you who is a great admirer of birds should make a visit.

    The place is also known for the variety of soils that are found here and there is a fantastic wild flower exhibition in the spring season.

    If find angling fun then you should know that here both fresh water and salt water angling can be done, what you all need to do is get a license from the local police station or post office at a very nominal fee.

    The most interesting thing about this place is that you can get involve yourself into whale watching and the species that are seen in this place are Southern Right Whales sighted generally between July and November, Humback Whales from July to September and Bryde’s Whales. You would also be delighted to see dolphins, Heavyside’s, Dusky and Common Dolphins are the species generally seen here.

    Apart from all these you can also have a look at the near by caves and you would be astonished by the great paintings that you would see there and some of them are even said to be oldest of South Africa.

    Best time to visit

    You should visit this place in summers when the southerly winds enter the region.

    How to reach

    You can get down at Cape Town Airport and then you can hire a car to reach this place which is some 200km away.

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