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Egypt in all its glory

Tue, Sep 21, 2010

Northern Africa

Egypt is officially the Arab republic of Egypt. This country is primarily in the north of Africa, the Sinai Peninsula. There is a land bridge which is located in Southeast Asia.

Egypt seems to be a transcontinental country. It is also considered to be the main power in the whole of North Africa, the Mediterranean region and the northern side of Africa. It covers an area of about one million square kilometers. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, which lies to the north, the Gaza strip that lies to the south and Israel which lies to the northeast of this country. The red sea lies to the east and Sudan lies to the south. Libya lies to the west.

When you go around the Mediterranean perimeter you are sure to find a lot of sand, which means, there are quite a bit of tourists there. The shorelines must be more than crowded and the restaurants around the seaside are all packed and you are just left simply about! The tourist can hardly keep way from Egypt. There are more than nine million people who visited Egypt just this yea and have already skipped about three hundred miles of the countries coastline.

In fact, instead of go to the tea houses in Cairo, you should to the pyramids that are on the sea coast which is filled with resorts, all of these located on the Red sea.

The map of Egypt, especially in the tourist department is changing quite dramatically. The northern side of the country is known for its amazingly rapid development. There is about ten billion dollars work dot projects that have been set up home, in infrastructure projects.  This is basically according to the tourism ministry. A lot of this investment has come in from the foreign aid and developers who have not been discourages by the acts of terror that have been around in the region.

Sidi Abdel Rahman is a developer who is based out of India. He just announced that he would be building a three thousand room hotel complex which a gold course and a marina Almaza bay is just down the coast. This bay has five Resorts which have guest rooms for about twenty three hundred people. . Also, there are another additional one thousand residential and tourist villas. There is a tennis academy, a shopping mall, a golf course, a spa and even trails for horseback riding. This project is a private German-Egyptian venture.

There are towns of Agami which is called the main Egyptian St Tropez. Sidi Keir happens to be a place which is already quite developed. In fact there are many resorts here that have adapted the style of the sixties.  And these are basically resorts that are of good value for people traveling on a low budget. About one hundred and forty miles to the wets of Alexandria, is the famous Marsa Matrough which is mainly a small city which is next to a show stopping sand beach which stretches for about five miles.

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