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Delightful Tales from Lake Chad

Tue, Apr 30, 2013

Middle Africa

Visit Middle Africa and experience the pleasures of a heavenly land filled with ultimate travel pleasures and tour memories. Visit Lake Chad here, which was once upon a time the mainstay of the salt trade in the continent.  Discovered by the Europeans in the year 1823, this was one of the largest lakes in the world. The lake had lost a lot of water sometime back and is now in the process of recovery. Tourists enjoy seeing  the crocodiles and hippopotamus, which are the main attractions here. Less than 5 feet deep the best time one can visit this water body is in the months of August to December.

This beautiful lake is a shallow, endorheic lake in this part of Africa and has great historical value. It provides water to many people living in and around the beautiful continent of Africa and is in fact the largest lake in Chad Basin.

With at least 179 kinds of species, there are many floating islands in the lake. There is a variety of wildlife here and tourists enjoy the simple ambience and the natural surroundings here. Migrating birds come here much to the delight of bird enthusiasts. The ruff, wintering ducks and shore birds and waterfowls are a common feature here. The rusty lark and the river prinia are two kinds of near endemic birds found here. The black crowned crane used to nest here earlier but now with the shrinking of the lake this has reduced. Fish move to a nearby lake rich in minerals to breed and to find food.

The lake has been shrinking majorly in the past few years and is an ecological catastrophe. The painted hunting dog has been reportedly found missing in the Lake Chad area. The Chad Game Reserve is a beautiful protected area here, which spans half the region next to the lake, which actually belongs to Nigeria.

With such beautiful sights and magnificent visual delights, Lake Chad is a wonderful water body in this part of Africa.

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