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  • Deep Into The South African Caves

    Mon, Dec 28, 2009

    South Africa

    Africa is a place where you can experience the ancient days. Africa is a set of historical monuments and if I talk about the caves of South Africa, no doubt, it will be endless. When tourists plan to visit South Africa, their initial locations on the list remains of Cape Town, Winelands, Robben Island or the Garden Route. But if you are a real lover who love to explore the nature and history then here South Africa is waiting for you.

    If you are planning for a trip then do think about the South Africa where you will meet the deep, gigantic, pre-historic, amazing caves. These caves will definitely fasten your heart beats and may be a little scary but it is an interesting and fabulous one. Those who are crazy to see such mind blowing, spectacular historical wonder must visit to South Africa at least once in their life.

    You may know that every country have caves that may be awesome but South Africa is rich in that and holds the top position on the list. It’s common to wander around the tunnels but what is more thrilling is that when you enter deep down the dark tunnel that never ends and was made before millions of years ago. There are many sites in South Africa where you will find these networks of caves and tunnels. I bet if you once visit these sites you will always miss those for the rest of your life. Let me explore few of the UNESCO World Heritage Site to you that cannot be comparable or you have never dreamt some like these before. Some of the sites are The Cradle of Human Kind, or the huge Cango Caves, Echo Caves and Sudwala Caves.

    The Cradle of Humankind:

    The Cradle of Humankind is a World Heritage Site which was initially named by UNESCO in the year 1999 and is located at a distance of 50 kilometres to the northwest of Johannesburg’s Gauteng province in South Africa. This site covers an area of about 183 square miles and includes a complex of limestone caves like the Sterkfontein Caves. At the Sterkfontein Caves some 2.3 million year old fossil was discovered by Dr. Robert Broom and John T. Robinson in the year 1947. The name of that fossil is Australopithecus africanus which has its own nickname as “Mrs. Ples”. They also discovered the Wonder Cave.

    This fossil is a proof of our ancestor’s existence at this area. Hence, its name is very much similar to what it wants to predict. Here you can realize the base of direct ancestors to the modern humans. At this site you will get over three dozen caves that bears fossil. Sites like Blot’s Farm, Cooper’s Cave, Drimolen, Gondolin, Haasgat, Kromdraai, Minaars Cave, Motsetsi, Plovers Lake, Sterkfontein, Swartkrans and Wonder Cave.

    Cango Caves:

    Cango Caves is one of the well-known caves in South Africa. These caves are situated near the Garden Route and attract most of the tourist from around the globe. Those who love adventure should first go to these caves but should go with the guided tours. As an advice you should only stay at those areas which are open for public as it could be dangerous.
    No wonder, you are gonna explore a new world that you have never expected before. This world popular site is a worth visiting place to visit and experience the difference. Cango Caves lie at the foothills of Swartberg range close to the town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape Province. The tunnels and chambers cover four kilometers but only a quarter is open to the visitors. You will have to go with the guided tour. So even if you go with the groups you will definitely lost into your dreams. The caves are measured as a part of the Garden Route. You will be offered with a special package which is the Adventure Tour that will help you to explore the caves.

    Cango Caves

    Sudwala Caves:

    Sudwala is again one of the oldest caves in the world and is situated at Mpumalanga in South Africa. Normally, this site is not that busy like Congo but will worth your trip. These caves are the set of Precambrian dolomite rock which was initially laid down before 3800 million years. These caves were formed by themselves during 240 million years ago and are the oldest caves in the world.

    Sudwala Caves were used as a home in the prehistoric times. The caves were discovered by the Somquba. He and his followers used the caves as refuge till he was killed in an attack. The survivors stayed there under the leadership of an inDuna which is called as the headman or leader whose name was Sudwala. Due to this, the name of the caves was kept after Sudwala.

    To explore the caves I will again tell you to follow the guided tour as the caves are thousands of metres deep. You will get two tours at this site. One is the Cave Tour and the other is the Crystal Tour. The Cave Tour will be of one hour after that you will find yourself at 600 metres down the caves.

    Echo Caves:

    If you reach to the Mpumalanga Region or visited the Sudwala Caves then you should also visit the Echo Caves that lies close to the west of Kruger Park in Mpumalanga Region. The caves were found by a farmer who was searching his cattle that was disappeared. He started looking for answers but it was his own voice that was spreading all over. These caves are over 40 kilometres long and were named due to its spectacular feature of creating echoes.

    The Caves is a historical monument and is among the oldest caves in the world. The end point of the cave has not yet found but as per the assumptions the end is somewhere near to the strijdom tunnel. All of these caves are fascinating enough to make you feel like you have spent your life entirely. After finishing these trips you will never stop creating dreams to visit again.

    Echo Caves

    Here is the list of other superb caves in South Africa:
    • Baboti Caves
    • Blombos Cave
    • Boesmansga
    • Coopers Cave
    • Die Kelders
    • Gladysvale Cave
    • Howieson’s Poort Shelter
    • Gondolin Cave
    • Klasies River Caves
    • Kromdraai Fossil Site
    • Makapansgat
    • Motsetsi Cave
    • Onmeetbarediepgat
    • Pinnacle Point Caves
    • Plovers Lake

    • Sterkfontein
    • Sibudu Cave
    • Sudwala Caves
    • Wonder Cave Kromdraai
    • Wonderwerk Cave

    So if you are a real adventurous kind of personality then just head towards South Africa and bring a change to your life by visiting all these mind-blowing, spectacular, fascinating, superb and ever seen sites. I do not have any words to define the creation of nature which is actually a gift to us.

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