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Escape on the Kite and get disconnect from the network of city’s stress

Mon, Jan 25, 2010


As you descend in Dakhla, the feel of freedom lurks in you making and the city life gets the back seat somewhere and you get lost in desert and find your liberty of free will and start to enjoy Dakhla one of the best place in world for kite surfing. Such spectacular view of Atlantic Ocean on one side and incredible lagoon on other side with the peninsula of Dakhla in between, as you land here you get disconnect from all the stress and worries of your city life and get rejuvenated in this beautiful and superb place where you can escape and find yourself the much freedom. Live in a bungalow or the tents it will be cozy and warm with magnificent view of the lagoon. Have the fish tagine dinner and scrumptious local food.

It’s all beautiful to wake up in morning and have enchanting night! The place is so pretty picture painted by some renowned artist, such picturesque location. Dakhla is fishing town, and as you see the local people here fishing and going about you will be amazed by the sheer sight of the beauty of sea and desert together. And night is truly enchanting here, as you see the sky in night lighted with millions of stars as if it has been all sprinkled with sparkles and decorated for you. This sight you will never forget, and will be mesmerized by its light, its beauty and charm. As there is no pollution the sky is seen clearly with all those stars. Just gazing the sky will leave that cute smile on your face and give you sweet dreams when you smile. Dakhla has its charming beauty which is yet preserved but hope this keeps up, for this is best place to get away and get close to you.

It is famous for the kite surfing and wind surfing. Though famous it’s not over crowded which lets you enjoying the sport to the fullest and with free will and lack of restrictions. It is getting and increasing popularity for Kite surfing and Windsurfing. The conditions of wind is perfect, wind blows from north east and average is 15 to 25 knots which is apt, with such pleasant temperature in day time to some 18 to 26C, and getting bit cooler by night you will love to snuggle in those blankets with someone and feel the warmth. Waves here are also good which adds to the perfect setting to enjoy these sports. As you pull up by the cliff and pump up, it’s the best time of your life and enjoys the best of sports. Feel the sun, wind and wave all the best combination for you to remember this thrill and adventure of the sports for life time.

Duna Blanca or the White Dune:

It’s the untouched beauty of Lagoon that makes this place more special and lovely to go and have the best time their. Its eternal beauty as you see flocks of pink flamingoes as they rest on shore or just fly the short distance- its so beautiful! On your way you will see those hard working fisherman and you will wonder as how are they here in middle of nowhere without any transportation. What an experience it will be as you kite across the lagoon through the last cove and come across the huge white sand dune. With a clear water spot just behind the dune, you will like the site. But its thrilling to climb 20 meter high done and then jump off on your kite! Its all fun and you will simply keep enjoying and not for single or fraction of second you will feel like going back to city or rather remember your city life! With good wind and wave conditions you will simply fall in love with this place and wish never to go back. It’s highly intoxicating and this may become your addiction to come back here as when you can make it! Away from the very cold winters of Europe amongst the friendly and warm people, you can travel and roam around the place or simply enjoy the twilights together.

In packing remember to carry warm clothes for the trip. The kite camp is best place for you if you looking out for kite surfing. There is a security boat in water all times and for beginners, its good place to start learning with schools here with certified trainers. Kite sizes that are recommended for average rider is 7m, 9m and 12m. You can get Kite surfing equipment on rental. Go on fishing expeditions to explore the local life here.

The tranquility and peace of this place will make it hard for you take the chaotic city, yet it’s the superb time and you will have good memories of it of each second. Enjoy the Sahara desert and the versatility of Dakhla which is beauty of desert and lagoon together at its best.

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