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Chutes de Boali Waterfall Pleasures

Mon, Nov 18, 2013

Middle Africa

The Chutes De Boali is a beautiful watery paradise that falls from a height of 164ft. The lovely water delight is a pleasant sight for all visitors. There is an entry fee to enter this park and it is controlled by an upriver dam.

Boali is a beautiful town situated in Middle Africa and has some beautiful paved highways, which take you to a land of perfect delights. Located on the banks of the River Mbali this is very famous for its waterfalls and the lovely hydroelectric works. The Boali Falls are around 250m wide and around 50m high. This is a very popular tourist’s destination and is situated below the falls. These falls look majestic and are taller than the Niagara Falls. With the beautiful jungle right in the middle of the beautiful African Republic this has some beautiful tour attractions. Visit this fascinating region and take back with you delightful memories of a lovely land filled with beautiful sights and tour ecstasies.

Come to the beautiful Central African Republic and enjoy this heavenly destination. With the best wildlife this place is very well equipped for tourism. Bangui is an enchanting hub that is along the River Oubangui and is a real welcome waterway in this country filled with land on all sides. Bangui is a capital and thus is a very major stop that is preferred by visitors. The French found this place in the year 1889 and the old town has a lot of colonial design filled with beautiful boulevards, which take you to an interesting market square.

Visits to Bangui give you a lovely travel delight in the Chutes De Boali, a wonderful waterfall in Middle Africa.

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