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  • Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia

    Thu, May 6, 2010


    Repeatedly portrayed as the eighth wonder of the world, the renowned churches of Lalibela are balanced high on the mountains in Ethiopia. In addition carved as of the living rock, these churches are nestling at the side of a long-established village, which is for all times crowded by means of bee hive huts.

    Furthermore the location of these churches is far-flung as well as isolated, on the other hand these rocky slopes that gaze out beyond huge horizons of the green as well as brown foothills, which are overflowing with humanity. Numerous generations of the priests, dazzling in their robes as well as with the ornamental crosses held in hand, have a propensity to these churches, whilst crowds of pilgrims arrive here for worshipping. Following in their footsteps, it is sure that you will pass the length of the deep corridors, which are been carved into the mountain cliffs that shows a way to these medieval monuments.

    Numerous myth have described that these churches were been built almost 800 yrs ago through a religious king, Lalibela. He was wiling to generate a ‘New Jerusalem’, which is a place of pilgrimage at this juncture in the highlands. In addition recent research puts forward that they have a great deal older history, which stretches back up to the seventh century.

    In addition, the most imposing fraction of the eleven main churches is its shape, which is similar to a colossal monolithic cross, which rises from a pit that is been dug almost 11m deep, by means of its roofing positioned at the level of the ground. Stroll into the interior, which is all lighted by means of candles as well as you will come across columns plus grottoes, which are richly decorated by means of Christian images together with the patron of the church, St. George, killing the dragon.

    If you want to have the real taste of the Churches of Lalibela, in that case try attending few of the popular festivals, such as Christmas, the Timkat, or else Easter, which are unbelievably colourful as well as high-spirited times for visiting. Pilgrims hit on Lalibela from each and every corner of the world. St George’s Day is in fact a real underline here. Hordes of the faithful arrive here wearing the bright white or else the vivid gowns, rest on the periphery of the cliff over these church, moreover they are chanting as well as swaying in instant to the traditional music.

    On one occasion you are at these churches try attending a service as well as wonder at the structural design whilst priests read as of ancient tomes along with censers sweep up incense in the air.

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