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Chefchaouen, Morocco - Sights

Fri, Jul 1, 2011

Northern Africa

Chefchaouen is a Moroccan destination that is situated at the heart of the Rif mountain range. The town is referred to as Chaouen in short by Moroccans. The ancient medina of the town has sky blue buildings. The light reflected off the mountains imparts the blue buildings and the entire area with a mystical aura.

The landscapes here are picture perfect in their beauty. The atmosphere here is extremely on the laid back side. The dollar goes a good way here, and you will find everything to be quiet cheap.  The culture of Chaouen is also interesting.

The Rif Mountains are superb locations for the growth of substances, which makes it a popular location for enthusiasts, mainly hippies from the 21st century.

Heading here from Fes, it takes close to 4 hours to access Chefchaouen, Morocco at a cost of at least seventy dirhams.

From Casablanca, there is only one bus, and that too in the morning. It takes six hours to reach the town from Casablanca. The CTM bus company is where you will arrive. There are companies other than CTM as well.

If you are fond of physical exploits, there is no option better than having hiking sprees at the Rif Mountains. Daily hikes are available for visitors, and it is possible to coordinate with your hotel and get organized tours plus guide.

The striking blue element of color in the old buildings in the old town of Chefchaouen often mystifies visitors. The trend was actually started by the Jewish settlers in the town. The tradition has this been carried on.

The sight of the town is really beautiful and well worth taking a camera for. The small size of the town will make sure that you will not get lost easily. There is no dearth to quality at all. The town is small in size, and the major streets are all leading to the Plaa Uta el Hammam, the main square of the town.

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